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Tips on How to Trick Yourself to Eating Healthily

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Losing weight is easier said than done because in order to shed those excess pounds stored in our body, you need to do two things, and these are going on a diet and exercising. Most of us tend to look forward to our workouts because they do help us look better, what with the toned muscles and such, but the struggle lies in sticking with the diet.

People often want to have the quickest solution to their weight loss needs to the point that they are simply following the latest fads in the internet. Do they work? Some may do, but with the strict instructions laid out, some just tap out even before they get to the middle of the diet. What can you do then?

The good news is that there are steps that you can take to be able to eat healthily even when you are not following any diet plan. Here are a few tips that you should try out.

Hide your vegetables

There are some of us who just can’t eat vegetables when it is served in front of us. It may be that you have a love-hate relationship with them ever since you were a kid that continued until you were an adult, or you just don’t want to have it on your dinner plate. Well, if you want to start losing weight, then you need to make it a point to have some and one way to trick yourself into eating them is to actually hide it. You can add some green leafy veggies like spinach and kale into your smoothies or prepare some soups too. Even vegetable pasta can be a good way to enjoy your veggies.

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Display them

If you are having a hard time adding fruits to your diet, but would like to be reminded that they are good for you, why not display them? Place the fruits on your dining table, or in your fridge while hiding foods that are not good for you? The more you see them, the higher the chances that you are going to grab one for eating.

Cook your meals

Another tip to ensure that you are eating healthy is to actually cook your own meals. Not only does this give you better control over the ingredients that you are using, but you can pre-cook your meals for the next few days and store them in the fridge for heating. You can even prepare healthy snacks while you are at it to ensure that even your cravings will be satisfied in a healthy way.

Get rid of distractions

We are all guilty of eating excessively when we are distracted. You’ve probably noticed that you have finished an entire bag of chips because your mind is somewhere else. In parties and get together, we often end up eating more because we are distracted with having conversations with those around us. If you tend to watch TV while eating, or using your smartphone on the dinner table, you are bound to forget that you are eating way too much already. That said, getting rid of all the distractions when you eat can actually help you stick with your portion eating.

Give color to your plate

Another way to ensure that you are eating healthy is to actually make your plate more colorful by adding a variety of fruits and vegetables. Go for three colors at least for every meal. You can add more fruits and vegetables to make your plate nutritious and delicious. You’ll get used to this kind of eating soon enough which can help you shed weight.

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