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Surprising Beauty Uses of Ginseng

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Ginseng is popular among people who are leading very, very busy lives because it is an adaptogen — it helps the body acclimatize so much better to stress. It’s also all the rage among many bodybuilders because it is known to boost energy levels, allowing them to do tons of reps and sets of lifting super heavy weights.

But just because you do not have a toxic day-to-day schedule and you do not intend of making The Hulk feel rather puny doesn’t mean that you cannot benefit from ginseng. You see, ginseng offers so many other perks. Some of those are improvement of brain functioning, lowering of blood sugar levels and even reduction of male sexual dysfunction.

Did you know that people who are beauty-conscious may also count on ginseng for keeping both their skin and hair always looking flawless? Whether taken internally in the form of tea or capsules or utilized topically in the form of oil or infusion, ginseng is something that can give you the following amazing beauty benefits:

Delayed Skin Aging

Biological compounds present in ginseng are capable of doing many things, and one of them is the slowing down of the skin’s aging process. By employing ginseng topically and internally, it can become very much possible for you to keep your skin looking wrinkle-free even without undergoing the knife.

Radiant Complexion

One of the many positive things that ginseng can offer is the improvement of blood circulation. This allows your skin to be supplied with more oxygen and nutrients, thus promoting fresh layers of skin to form. Paired with exfoliation 1 to 2 times a week, supplementing with ginseng can give you that to-die-for complexion.

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Smaller Pores

The addition of ginseng oil to other ingredients used for creating homemade masks is perfect for making the pores look a lot smaller. That’s because the said herb is capable of removing dirt, grime and excess oils in the pores. With anything that can clog up the pores gone, your pores will appear smaller, letting you take all the selfies that you want.

Reduced Acne

Since ginseng is an excellent at unclogging the pores, it can help prevent acne from striking or becoming worse. This well-known herb also possesses anti-inflammatory properties, making it highly beneficial for acne sufferers. Ginseng may be employed topically and internally for best results.

Brighter Eyes

Are you bugged by dark circles under your eyes? You can get your hands on an incredibly expensive eye cream and wind up broke, or you can simply turn to ginseng which can be easily purchased from a health food store at a reasonable price. Used topically, ginseng can help zap those unsightly circles under your peepers.

Slimmer Body

There are a couple of reasons why the intake of ginseng, regardless of the form, can help you ditch unwanted pounds. First, it makes you feel energized, and thus allowing you to remain physically active — a very important weight loss component. Second, ginseng actually possesses some appetite suppressing properties.

Thicker Mane

You can employ ginseng if you feel like your hair is thinning, or you simply want to attain voluminous hair that can easily get everyone’s attention. Because this very popular herb is capable of boosting blood circulation, your hair follicles become supplied with oxygen and nutrients, prompting them to do their jobs optimally.

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Longer Hair

Ginseng is also something that can be used for accelerating the rate of hair growth. In other words, it’s an herb that can let you enjoy longer mane in no time. Many people swear by the effectiveness of regularly massaging ginseng oil on the scalp in making their hair grow several centimeters in just a few months.


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