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4 Ways On How To Remedy Mucoceles Using Home Treatment

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Mucocele are tiny sacs found under the tongue. These are also located in other areas inside the mouth. Mucoceles are filled with fluid and are not harmful. These do not cause stress or discomfort for the person. However, these require medical attention nonetheless. Some can wait it out because it usually disappears in three weeks, sometimes a month and a half.

Mucoceles are common in men and woman, of any age. Studies show that it is more common with younger people, below 30 years old. For older people, the formation of mucoceles are due to superficial reasons.

Mucocele is a painless cyst. A person who has it need not dig up his health card in order to have it removed. Neither should he worry that it is a harbinger of other health issues. It is a natural

Signs that the person has Mucocele:

– a bump in the tongue or other areas in the mouth

– translucent to bluish colors

– soft bumps but mucoceles are hard

– painless

– swollen

– may be difficult to swallow at times

– discomfort in the mouth

What are the Common Mucocele Causes?

There are several factors that result to mucoceles in the body. One of the most common causes is a damaged or blocked salivary gland. When there are ruptures or ductal obstructions, the salivary glands result to mucoceles.

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People who usually suck their lower lip are also prone to getting mucoceles. Because of the pressure that they put on the membranes of the inner lip, the liquid is collected in the area. There are times that the mucoceles are located in the upper lip because of the same reason.

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– Repeatedly biting a particular area of the lip

– Trauma or injury (mouth infection, inflammation, burn)

– Disease known as oral lichen planus

– Drug intake that results to the thickening of saliva

– Piercing in the lower lip or tongue

– Frequent chewing

How to Treat Mucoceles Using Home Remedies

Mucocele looks like clear and bluish bubbles that have liquid inside of these. Some may even look like rubber. They do not hurt the inflicted person but it can be quite a discomfort from time to time, especially if there is some pressure. If there are complications, then mucocele treatment is required. Home remedies for mucocele are quite effective too – as long as the factors that cause them are identified.

Before turning to any mucocele home remedy, it is very important that a medical expert confirms the diagnosis of the mucocele. This is done by examining the inflicted area closely. Once diagnosed, the doctor can suggest various home remedies. If that does not work, then mucocele treatment using a laser is required.

1. The best treatment is to just leave it alone. If you are lucky, it will be gone in only a matter of days. The longest is six weeks. Besides the cyst is a sign that the injury is getting better. The appearance of the cyst is just a sign that the treatment is already working.

2. After the mucocele burst its content, it can still fill it up with fluid at some point in the future. If the mucocele keeps coming back, the best way is to consult a doctor. These may cause permanent scars on the areas that they usually form on.

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3. Another common home remedy is salt therapy. A teaspoon of sea should be enough to do the remedy. It is added in a glass of warm water used for mouth rinsed twice or thrice a day. Notice that after four or five days, the cyst is smaller. It is important to take note of the size of the mucocele every day because it is a way to determine which remedy works better.

4. Primrose oil is applied directly on the cyst so that it can heal faster. The mucocele home remedy also decreases the possibility of an infection. There are those who use castor oil with honey.

Complicated mucocele formations are removed by drainage, cryotherapy, laser treatment, aspiration and surgical removal. Health experts recommend mucocele treatment with alum because it makes the cyst grow rapidly. It will pop on its own. It also decreases the chances of inflammations and infections in the area. A small amount of alum must be applied on the infected area for 10 to 15 minutes. Then it is rinsed off with mouthwash.
Just in case these home remedies are not as effective in treating mucoceles, then the last resort is to consult with doctors and medical experts for other treatment options. The cost should not be much. There are no side effects to worry about. It may cost a couple of hundred dollars but the agreement depends on the patient and the doctor.

The only matter that they should concern themselves with is that the cyst might return so they should take note of what mucocele treatment works for them. There is also no assurance that the mucocele won’t return even after laser surgery.

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The advantage of mucocele home treatment is that it is not as invasive as the other surgeries. It is very minimal. Mucocele is an ailment that anyone can get but it is not worth losing sleep over. The gravest consequence of having it is the discomfort that it brings. But the minute the person cures the ailment then he will see that it is not such a bother to begin with.

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