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Quick Halloween Nail Art Designs

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Halloween is about to get started and you’ve probably spent a week at least in getting your decors up and your outfit ready for your All Halloween’s Eve party, but you’re most likely missing out one key component to your Halloween spirit which is your nails. Fortunately, adding that creepy factor to your nails isn’t hard to do but if you are running out of ideas on what nail art to use, here are a few designs that are easy to pull off.


Who doesn’t love Beetlejuice? This hilariously scary movie is perfect for the Halloween and using it as your nail art is going to be easy. A little black, white, and violet colors are all that you will need to deck your nails with Beetlejuice. You can paint three of your nails in violet and add some spider webs on them while the two nails are in black and white stripes.

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Jack Skellington

Another Halloween favorite is Nightmare before Christmas’ very own Jack Skellington. Pulling off this nail art is going to be fun and will need a bit more imagination on your side. You don’t really need to paint all of your nails with his face, a single nail will do. Afterwards paint the rest of your nails in black and white and throw in some glitter nail polish and you are good to go. Just don’t forget to seal in the colors with a top coat.

Blood Splatter

Thinking about going as a Silent Hill nurse this Halloween? Or how about a zombie? Well, whatever it is that you are thinking of wearing, making some blood splatter nail art is worth it. All that you have to do is to paint all of your nails with white nail polish then spray red nail polish over them once they have dried. Use a straw to create the blood splatter. Take note, that this nail art is going to be a bit messy but well worth it once you see the results.

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Sugar Skull

Sugar skulls are sure to be appearing this Halloween so why not dress up your nails with it too? Start with a base coat then followed by black nail polish on all of your fingers except one. Paint this nail in white to be the base of the sugar skull. Use a tiny paint brush and black nail polish to draw the outline of your sugar skull. Use a dotting tool and apply dots around the eyes. Draw flowers on each cheek then use the dotting tool to add different colors on the black dots around the eyes. Apply confetti on each of the black nails then once they have dried, cover your nails with top coat.

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Candy Corn

Another quick Halloween nail art that you can do is to transform your nails into candy corns. This may take some time to pull off since you need to wait for each layer of color to dry up completely before proceeding to the next but it’s going to be fun when you see the results. Start by applying base coat followed by orange nail polish to serve as the base. Now use a transparent tape to separate each section. Start by applying white nail polish on top of the nails near the base of the cuticle. Wait for it to dry before removing the tape. Paint the next section in yellow then allow to dry. Do this with all of your nails then use top coat and you are done with your candy corn nails.

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