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3 Beauty Benefits of Bilberry

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Bilberry from the berry family, also known as blueberry from North American, Europe and Western Asia. It’s nearly black when ripe and included in genus Vaccinium just like cranberries which is a shrub that normally grows up to 15 centimeters in height. Unlike other species of the berries it is rarely cultivated like strawberries and cranberries. They mostly grow in public accessible lands. Some countries that cultivates this is Ireland, Scotland and Poland.

Bilberry contains anthocyanins, other polyphenols and various phytochemicals which is good for our body. Its micro-nutrients is also known for its beauty benefits that’s why it’s also use in the production of cosmetic products. Here are the three main beauty benefits that we can have if we eat bilberry fresh or drink its juice.

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1. Skin Protection

Its content, resveratrol and quercetin acts as an anti-aging agents. Quercetin is a bioflavonoid that helps in strengthening capillaries, while resveratrol is a phytoestrogen which is the same with estrogen, but without harmful effects. This berry also contains antioxidant properties that helps in protecting our skin from free radicals. Then added to that it is enriched with vitamins B, C and E that are good for nourishing our skin.

As for the medical aspect it is also used in various skin disorders treatment like skin ulcers and varicose veins, because regular consumption of bilberry can help improve blood circulation and also to combat venous insufficiency that causes certain skin problems.

2. Natural Cosmetic Ingredient

The natural extract is used in cosmetic products due to its skin-conditioning content that helps nourish and improve vitality. Mostly included in makeup, lotions and facial creams.

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3. Makes Eyes Beautiful and Healthy

Another main property of bilberry is it is used in treating cataracts, diabetic neuropathy and macular degeneration. This berry helps to improve our vision and good circulation of blood throughout our body. It has flavonoids compounds called anthocyanosides that facilitates a good circulation of blood in tiny vessels in our eyes.

Bilberry extract is now a common ingredient in many eye care cosmetic products. And it is also available in different products like tea, extracts and creams. It’s also a good substitute for coffee without the caffeine. In teas it is commonly combine to have a powerful antioxidant properties.

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