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Messy Hairstyles to Try

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You can stop worrying about getting that sleek and perfect hair. The newest hair trend to grace us this season is the totally tousled and messy hairstyles! Go ahead and skip the perfectly
flat iron straight hair. Go for something a little bit more rough and carefree. Try out these easy messy hairstyles!

Go For the Tease

Getting that right amount of fluff looks fun and flirty. If you’re up for that big but soft hairstyle, then try going for the mega tease. Start by washing your hair with shampoo only an d leave it damp. Apply texturizer all over your hair and use your fingers to spread the product. Flip your hair upside down and apply heat with a blow dry. Scrunch up your hair with your fingers until your hair is completely dry. Flip your hair back and take your teasing comb and tease it all over. Style your hair the way you want and
you’re ready to go.

Loose Dreads

Dreadlocks are designed as a hairstyle for natural hair, but we can’t deny how amazing it looks. For this hairstyle is not really designed for most hair, then we can opt for the loose and messy version. Take one fourth section of your hair and twist them. Take your fingers and rub your hair upward from your hair shaft to the root. Apply a small amount of hair spray or dry shampoo to make it stick. Repeat this on half or all of the sections.

Pinned Loose Pony

Give your ponytail a little bit more drama and volume by using bobby pins and a little teasing. To start, tease a few of your hair strand on the root and hair shaft. Continue this until you get your desired lift and volume. Push all your hair forward as you face the ground. Loosely hold all your hair while you’re still looking down and tie it in a loose high ponytail. Flip your hair back and loosen up some of your hairstrands. Secure your hair around your ponytail using bobby pins. When you look is loose and messy, fix it to your desired style and use a tooth brush or smoothing brush to flatten some of the strands. Apply hair spray.

Messy Top Knot

Give your top knot a more messy and scruffy appearance by curling your hair with a small barreled curling wand. After curling your hair, apply some texturizer and scrunch it up with your fingers. Blow dry it a little and start taking all of your hair to your top. Create a high pony tail. Take your pony tail and wrap it around the hair band. Make the bun loose, start pinning it into place and taking out smaller wispy sections on your sides and bangs. Once you’re done apply hair spray. You can add some
accessories to your hair like a clip around the top know or a statement head band.

Bandana Bun

Give your bandana a more ruffled up look by creating some soft waves in your hair. Ruffle it up and fold your bandana. Place the middle part in your forehead and wrap it around. Secure it with a tight knot and some bobby pins. Take your tail comb and loosen up some of your hair in your sides and front. You can also do this hairstyle by creating a loose bun before wrapping the bandana on your head. Add some bangs for your face to add more dimension.

Slicked Back Down ‘Do

Get the Slicked backed messy hairdo with some gel and teasing. Start by combing your hair and removing your and knots. Start teasing your hair from your crown area. Smoothen out your hair in the front and side. Tease the hair at your back and twist them. Continue this until there is a lot of volume on your back. Take your gel and apply it all over your front and side. Use your smoothing brush to create a slicker base.

Loose Braids

Start by curling your hair and braiding it into a loose crown braid.
The curls will give your hair more texture. Take a few sections of your hair and let it fall to your sides. Pancake your braids and apply hair spray.
What do you think about the messy hairstyle trend? Are you more of a perfectly polished hair person? Before saying no to this hairstyles, try it out for a simple day out and feel the cheerful and light feeling it brings. Do you have your own messy hairstyle design? Share it with us.
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