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Prom Beauty Tips

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Prom night is a big deal! It’s a one night affair that you will remember for a very long time and will probably share with your little ones in the future. We don’t want it to be a bad story right? There are a lot of things you have to get ready for prom night. Your dress, hair, accessory, makeup, transportation, your date and so on. We’re here to help! Below are some prom beauty tips that can help you get through the pre prom hustle.

Up do Prevention Kit

You don’t want your up do to unravel just before you go hit the dance floor right? A hair mishap can happen at any moment, may your hairstyle be done by a professional. In case that you do go through these kinds of situation during your prom its best to be prepared. In your small purse, carry a lot of hair pins, this can help you fix stray away hairs and some wardrobe issues. Carry a small can of hair spray too. This will help keep your whole hair style intact. When you start to feel your hair falling spray on a
spritz. If the can is too big for your clutch coordinate with y
our friends and ask them if you can store it in theirs, while you carry some of their smaller items.

Bring Picture the Picture to the Salon

When going to get your hair fixed bring a picture of the front, back and side. This will allow your stylist to better recreate your desired hairstyle. If you don’t have the back picture of the exact hairstyle, find one that looks close to your desired hairstyle. This also applies for the makeup. When picking out your makeup bring 3 different options. This will help your stylist, pick the best one for you. Another picture you need to bring is your dress. This will give them a better perspective for your look for the night. This
will also allow them to give you alternative makeup and hair that would suit your dress the best.

The Ears

We don’t really apply any makeup on our ears for everyday makeup, but since this is the prom we have to make an exception. The dance floor can become extremely hot in the crowd and you dancing all night, raising your body temperature isn’t helping. You’ll end up having a really sweaty face, but you can easily fix this with some powder and blotting paper. Besides getting sweaty, your eyes will start to water and your eyes will look red as a tomato. You can prevent this by swiping
foundation all over your ears and setting them with powder.

Bright Smile

Two to three weeks before your prom swap out your regular toothpaste for one that has a whitening effect. This will help remove the surface stains in your teeth and prevent i
t from yellowing. Brush for atleast a minute and avoid drinking dark liquids such as coffee or soda. This will give you that bright smile for all those photos you’re going to take.

Go For Glow

When you’re going for a shoulder baring dress or strapless, then take out that shimmer lotion. Slather a good amount of the lotion on the top of your shoulders and dusting it out towards the chest and back. Apply a thin layer of bronzing powder and over the arms, shoulder, chest and back. This will help give you a subtle glow. Add more bronzing powder near your collarbone to add more definition.

Smell Good Through the Sweat

Your prom will be a combination of different perfume, food and sweat. At the end of the night you will most likely end up smelling like all three. You can prevent this and maintain your smell by applying petroleum jelly on the key points such as the neck, back of the wrist and more. After applying petroleum spritz your perfume directly on these areas and let it sit. Spritz it again after it completely dries. The petroleum jelly can help lock in the scent and allow it to linger all night long.

Fix Your Brows

Having a well-trimmed and filled in eyebrow can make a huge difference. This will help you look more awake in pictures and give more definition to your face.


Before your prom, practice in front of the mirror which angles work for you. These pictures will be slathered online, make sure to look good in all of them.
Get ready to take that perfect prom photo. We hope that this list was able to help you with your prom preparation. This is one of the nights where you can make memories with your friends and make the most out of the night. Enjoy every second and don’t worry too much about your look. Be yourself and have fun!
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