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Quick Fixes to Look Like You Haven’t Cried

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It’s happened to all of us. We’re watching a sad video of an old couple or a touching dog video and then the tears suddenly falls, but wait! You’re at work or in a coffee shop. You go to the bathroom to get rid of your eye puffiness and to no avail, nothing. You’re about to leave your house, when you get a phone call from your special someone to tell you it’s over, you cry and want to stay in bed but you have to go out and attend that meeting. Your future is worth much more than that ungrateful fellow anyway, but your eyes and nose are red from ugly crying. What do you do? Below are some quick fixes to help hide the fact that you just had an emotional moment or a full blown melt down.

Pre-Cry Prevention

You’re starting to feel your eyes water and you’re trying to fight the urge to cry. Well, it seems like fighting off the need to cry will only make it worse. When you try to hold back your tears, you create more tension in your eyes. Making it puffier and redder. Keeping you from gasp ing and noises will also make your whole face warm and red. When you’re About to Cry So you’re in a public place and your parents said something upsetting and you feel like you need to cry or you’ll explode? Before you go on full blown meltdown, stand up quietly and walk to the bathroom or
to your car. Trust us, you’ll be thankful that you can spend this emotional moment alone. Lock yourself in a private area and cry your heart out.

While Crying

While you’re crying avoid rubbing your eyes and breathe. This will help you recover faster. This will prevent, redness and facial splotches afterwards. When you’re crying, try your best to breathe through your mouth since you nose will be too stuffed. Holding your breath will cause you to hiccup and gasp, giving your face that flushed and inflamed look. Rubbing your eyes will also cause it to look more puffy and red. When you are trying to wipe away your tears, use a soft tissue or handkerchief and pat it dry.

Maintain Your Eye Makeup

If you’re wearing eye makeup, avoid rubbing it into a complete mess. If you’re wearing waterproof mascara lucky you. If you’re not trying to remove the mascara runs without messing your whole makeup. Fold a piece of toilet paper in half and dab the tears and stain away. If the makeup stains aren’t
coming off the best option is to remove them completely.

Cold Water Splash

Splashing cold water all over your face can help remove the redness and puffiness in your hair. This can help when you cried at home, but when you’re in a public place and is wearing makeup this would be a complete disaster. Unless you’re purposely trying to get rid of all of your makeup, then splash away, if you’re not dip your fingers in cold water. Pat your finger underneath your eyes to reduce the puffiness. If you can acquire some ice, place it in a soft cloth and use it around your eyes and cheeks gently. This will help constrict the blood vessels, removing swelling and redness. You can also splash cold water on your neck and wrist to help reduce the redness on your face and ears.

Red Nose

If your nose is red after you cry, leave it alone. Powdering it or applying foundation will accentuate it more. It will look obvious, especially after a few minutes when the redness goes d
own. Avoid touching or pinching it to help it go back to normal faster.

Oil Free Wipes

Carrying oil free wipes can be a life saver. Save your full face makeup by patting dry your tears and oil with blotting paper. Do this using a circular motion and buff out the messed up makeup by using a clean oil free to wipe around it. After this, you can do a little touch up with some powder and eye makeup.
If you don’t have any products on hand, then embrace your newly cried face. Ruffle your hair, smile and take a deep breath. This will make you look like you’re just flushed from being outside or the strong wind. Avoid rubbing your eyes to prevent it from looking puffier and redder.
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