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How to Prevent Sleep Wrinkles

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Sleep wrinkles are the wrinkles you get from your pillow when you wake up. These wrinkles may seem simple, but it can cause permanent damage to your skin in the long run. The wrinkles can cause premature aging on your skin and fine lines. When your face is compressed against a pillow every night, the force of friction of the pillow the skin starts to stretch. The skin is then pulled and pushed reducing the elasticity of the skin and reducing the muscles on your face. The easiest way to deal with it is to
prevent it from happening. So, how can you avoid something you do when you sleep? By taking the necessary precautions. You can avoid sleep wrinklesby changing the way you sleep and changing your pillow case.

Satin Pillow Case

One of the easiest and best way to prevent sleep wrinkles is to change your pillow case into satin. The satin fabric is great for the face since it reducesthe friction in your face and the pillow. Preventing any sleep wrinkles from happening while you sleep. Other fabrics tend to bunch up and cause more and deep creases on the face. Though, satin pillowcases can be a bit expensive, if you’re really having a problem with it try investing in some satin pillow case. If you want a cheaper alternative, buy a satin scarf and place it on top of your pillow.

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Sleeping On Your Back

This is the cheapest way for you to prevent sleep wrinkles. If you’re someone that can’t keep still while you sleep you may do some preventive measures to prevent from turning over. Placing a pillow underneath your knees will help you from turning over. Sleeping with two or more pillows can also help you from sleeping on your sides. Don’t worry if you twist and turn at night, the less time you spend on your face will help reduce sleep wrinkles. Other advantages of sleeping on your back are minimal spine rotation, optimal weigh distribution, spinal unloading and reduce facial compression. Though for people that suffer from problems such as GERD this position can cause some irritations.

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Turning Your Head Away From the Pillow

Slightly turning your face away from your pillow can help prevent sleep wrinkles. Place a body pillow beside you when you sleep and rest as much of the weight on your body on this pillow. This will help prop your shoulder up and giving space for your chest area. Throw your leg around the body pillow and push the weight of your hips towards it. This position will help keep your head turned through the night without hurting your back or neck. This position will prevent you from placing any weight on your face.

Prevent Drinking Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic drinks can enhance the effects of sleep wrinkles. Drinking alcohol can cause your skin to feel dehydrated and lead to puffiness in the face in themorning. The puffiness will make the wrinkles appear worse and the dehydration will cause the wrinkles to last longer. If you are planning to drink alcoholic beverages that night, drink a lot of hydrating fluid before you go to sleep. This will prevent puffiness and reduce the appearance of the wrinkles. When you wake up rub on some ice on your face to help
improve the blood circulation.

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Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Keeping your skin hydrated will help prevent your skin from acquiring sleep wrinkles. Apply a deep moisturizer at night before you go to sleep to soothe your skin and lock in the moisture. Make sure toalso use anti aging creams every night to help reduce the signs of aging.


Taking in your vitamins will help keep your skin looking young and firm. Vitamins C, vitamin A, vitamin E and the b complexes, can help improve your skin health and ensure young looking skin. These vitamins can help prevent premature aging.

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There are now pillows that are specifically designed to prevent sleep wrinkle, though these can be a bit pricey. If you’re someone that can’t help sleeping on their side, the best way for you to prevent it is to invest on these types of pillow. Do preemptive measures to prevent wrinkles such as applying anti-aging
night cream at night and drinking plenty of water.

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