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Further Boost That Lovely, Sexy Radiance With These Tried And Tested Tips

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At a conference I attended not so long ago, I remembered what the guest speaker, Satyen Raja, left the audience. A brilliant ad
vice to women, “ When women are in their power, they radian. When men are in their power, they have presence.” This can never be true in these day and age.
Raja asked us to do a simple and yet enriching exercise that was aimed at further boosting our sense of control and power. We simply formed two lines, and then we faced each other. The mission of this exercise was to look into the yes of the person in front of us, and then giving our first impressions thereafter. At first, most of us were uncomfortable with the given task, as some
were shifting their weight from foot to foot and delaying eye contact too. Some were even giggling. After we finished the exercise, it was out turn to share with the rest of the group our first impressions of each other. This exercise showcased our sexiness, power, confidence, and potency. Majority of the particip
ants mostly commented on the following attributes:

– Facial expression- Eye contact- Body language- Attire

As a show of respect and honor to Satyen’s teachings and technique, I will not be spilling his unique and effective process. But I can tell you that by the end of the conference all of us were full of power due to our higher self –confidence. All of us were glowing from within and the men, they were both captivated and
grounded in our presence. Just imagine walking into a singles event with a renewed sense of power and confidence. You will undoubtedly get the attention of all the men at the event, with all of them just wanting to meet you and know you upclose.
From my very memorable experience at Satyen’s conference,
here are the top four lessons that I realized when it comes to revving up your radiance as well as confidence. Whether you are single or in a relationship, the radiance you exude is crucial if you want to build a new relationship, or you want to further strengthen your relationship with special someone.
  • Secret #1 – Dress Sexy Women who have made it a habit to dress sexy seem to radiate high levels of confidence. When expressing their sexiness, they radiate powerful, positive energy that attracts people straight to them. Sexiness is not about one’s external appearance, but more about your positively unique qualities that makes us radiant in our own ways. If you choose not to showcase your very own brand of sexiness, or simply not being positive for being you, you fend off all the great possibilities as well as opportunities that are meant for you. A love-related problem is in essence, a receiving problem. If you showcase your own brand of sexy, you are open to receiving life’s wonderful gifts simply just by being the powerful and radiant you. Not only will you feel good about yourself, other people will feel the positive energy and will be more often than not, desire to be around you too.
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The No-nos on Sexy Dressing

-No to Slutty

Never pair a tight fitting top with a tight fitting and skimpy bottom. For instance, if you choose to wear a body-hugging tank top, you should try pairing it up with looser skirt or pants. Consequently, if you decide to wear tight-fitting jeans, match it with a loose top instead.

-No to Too Much Cleavage

Men are visual creatures. Despite this, try not to expose too much of what you have. Leave something for their imagination.

-No to too many jewelry pieces

A famous fashion designer once recounted that before leaving home, she would take off one piece of jewelry, which made her lone jewelry piece stand out more.

-No to colors that do not complement your skin tone

Before you hit the mall for yet another shopping spree, take a friend with you;someone who is honest enough to tell you which colors best match your skin.

The Yes on Sexy Dressing

-Bare a bit of skin by wearing a scooped neckline

Tops with a scooped neckline or a V-neckline are extremely sexy pieces that you should add to your wardrobe.

-Wear Form-Fitting Pieces

Show the curves that you have simply by avoiding tight-fitting clothes but form-fitting pieces instead.

– Wear footwear with heels

Shoes with heels makes you look sexier than you already are.You may also opt wearing feminine flats.

– Choose colors that give the right message

The color red exudes passion and is the perfect color when going out on dates. The color pink on the other hands delivers a wholesome message and is great when setting positive first impressions. The color blue sends out a message of trust, and is a shade that you can wear if you want to take a relationship to the next level.

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– Choose the Perfect Hemline for your Shape and Height

If your height is 5’6 or shorter, remember to pick pieces featuring a hemline that is 2 inches above the knee. Alternatively, if you are taller, choose skirts with hemline that are at knee level. By rule, the hemline for tall women should be atleast two inches below the knee.

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