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Lymphoma: Basics and Quick Tips on How to Manage its Symptoms

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The lymphatic system is a part of the circulatory system and the immune system, unlike the circulatory system it is not a closed system since the organs that make up this system is parts of other systems. These groups of organs produce lymphocytes which are a type of white blood cells. There are 5 other different white blood cells and each have their own specific functions on what invaders to attack. This system comprises of lymphatic capillaries, vessels, nodes, and ducts which stores and transports a clear-ish, yellowish fluid called lymph like the plasma in blood. The lymphatic system is important for maintaining immunity and the balance of lymph or the plasmic fluid pumped by the lymphatic vessels which fight infections. Lymphatic tissue is also found to be spread as bits of tissue all over the body. The lymphoid organs assist the lymphatic system. They include the thymus, spleen, tonsils, appendix and spread all over our abdominal organs.

The thymus: The thymus is located in the thoracic cavity under the neck and is made up of two lobes of lymphoid tissue. Here is where the lymphocytes start their earlier life and wait to mature.

The spleen: It is tucked under our ribs at the upper left part of our and its main function is to filter our blood. It is vital since it removes damaged red blood cells which clean up our systems faster, in addition to this the spleen also triggers the release of lymphocytes because it can sense the invasion of viruses and such.

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The tonsils: The lymphoid tissue bundles found at the back of our noses and mouths help fight along the immune system too but tonsillitis does not appear to lower a person’s immunity. Perhaps people who get tonsillitis really do not need it like when the appendix gets infected. But then this can also be caused by stress or poor lifestyle. They also help our gag reflex with separating food hole and air hole.

The appendix: For the longest time it appeared to be a useless pouch of flesh attached to the colon the caused more harm than good. It is proven to release mucus into the large intestine which at least contributes good- you could always ask for a better bathroom passing. But it is indeed made of lymphatic tissue and actually helps house or protect some prebiotic and probiotic sources. It may actually just be a normal functioning organ that we misunderstood totally.

Bone marrow: Are tissue power houses and are loaded with stem cells with produces red and white blood cells and platelets. A thinning bone marrow is a scary sign of malnourishment.

So what lymphoma is, is a cancer on lymphatic tissue. Cancerous cells contaminate the white blood cells that work in the lymphatic system causing the healthy cells themselves to develop tumors and infect other cells. Stress, poor lifestyle, radiation and exposure to certain unnatural chemicals can cause this condition. Symptoms vary but parts of the body usually swell especially the back of the neck along with feelings of lethargy or exhaustion, unintended weight loss or weight gain, numbness in limbs and swelling as well and episodes of chills and/or fevers.

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Remember to live a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle as much as possible. Happiness is not the illogical, square route to take- being embittered and closed off is. So open yourself up to new things and try out new ways to be healthy and to eat and exercise and have fun!

Natural Remedies for Preventing or Battling Lymphatic Cancer Chemotherapy and anything with radiation, harmful chemicals in prescribed medicines as well that do not seem to make anyone better are indeed an expensive waste of time most of the time. If one lived healthier they probably would not be sick like this unless it was genetic or just pure chance. But anyways while cancers are early natural remedies and a positive outlook can have a very high chance in beating this horrible illness.


Iodine supports the thyroid gland which is the gland that helps secrete hormones for metabolic function. We need this in our foods and at times supplements for cell function, growth function, hormonal balance and reproductive function.


Powerful antibacterial and antioxidant, very high in potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, calcium and fiber.It makes a lot of things tastier and if you cannot handle it raw try it half cooked with more vegetables and less red and overly fatty meat in your diet. You can feel cleansing effects from fairly balanced meals with some or is half vegetables with raw garlic.

Pickled and Fermented Vegetables and Fruits

Watch out for the fruits though if your blood sugar is already through the roof. We all know veggies are very good for you but pickling them gives a vinegar zing that is very cleansing and works its health benefits well with the spices and vegetables. Fermented food is rich in probiotics and is much easier to digest because it is already partially digested by harmless bacteria.

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Exercise or any form of semi-frequent physical activity

I do not want to over explain this, everyone pretty much knows what they have to do to make themselves better and to keep fit. Medication is the lazy way, exercise and diet is the cheap and most natural method.

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