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Here are Natural Remedies to Make the Common Black Eye Disappear Faster!

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Oh no what have you done? Or rather, I will assume that you were just defending yourself. But anyways, black eyes are an ultimate hassle but you must be thankful that it did not get any worse like going blind in one eye permanently. They can cause frequent throbbing headaches with part of the face and eye included which is beyond discomforting. Black eyes are highly inconvenient not just very painful, especially for the working man who has to show his face to a lot of co-workers and their boss. The damaged blood vessels and other tissue around the eyes swell up and can worsen any optical medical condition already present before the injury.

But quit fretting! All you have to do is be hopeful of your healing process and take care of yourself extra, extra well for a week or two depending on how severe the bruising and swelling is. Remember black eyes can get worse and pretty severe leading to further injuries such as skull fracture, the need of cosmetic eye or nasal surgery, a bad case of nausea and vomiting even, infection in the eye, sinuses or any part of the face which is scary. If your wounds are these great then you should hop into a car going straight to the hospital with an ice pack to soothe you on the way. Anyways these tips are more for less sever black eyes. Here are some easy home remedies!

1.) Cold and Warm Compress

Using both cold and warm compresses at the right time really helps the circulation around the wound, stimulating the cells in its tissues to heal itself faster. When you place cold compresses on wounds that also suffer from inflammation you repress and constrict the blood vessels so that they stop leaking blood thus stopping further internal bleeding. A cold compress should be placed on the black eye as soon as possible. It also eases swelling, pain and the discomforting excess heat from inflammation as you postpone blood flow to the wound. Place some ice cubes wrapped around a clean cloth and place over the swollen area 10-15 minutes at a time. You can lift the ice pack off the area for a few seconds if you can’t take the cold for a while but try your best keeping it on without giving yourself frost bite. Do this every hour or two for 2 days.

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After 1 or 2 and a half days after receiving this injury switch now to a warm compress for 2-4 more days or until the area is totally soothed. To do this dip a clean cloth in very warm water or as hot as your skin can take. Soak it then squeeze out the excess, you can use plastic gloves for this. Place the cloth over the black eye as you chill and watch your favorite show. Repeat this process several times a day, as much as you think you need. You can even gently massage the aching area as gently as you could to speed up healing.

2.) Vitamin C-rich, Balanced Diet- A No-Brainer

This antioxidant vitamin is cheap, available and a life saver for those days you feel a bit dustier inside your systems. It is important to eat well but more strictly so when one is sick or wanting a wound to heal faster. Trust me a lot of that healthy food will really help fuel the healing energy it needs to repair that botched eye. It is also an antibacterial -you make a vitamin-rich paste out of good quality Vitamin C capsules and an antioxidant rich natural oil and rub it around the swollen area when the swelling and pain has reduced. But make sure you rub the smoothened paste away from your eye, be very careful because ascorbic acid really stings. Vitamin C supplements consumed and rubbed on your face are great but should not be the first thing you think of, it should be a good diet too. You must consume a whole, fresh food diet rich in Vitamin C. But not only that, assume it must be nutrient packed too, a complete rainbow of nutrition heals best like an army. Skip on junk food especially processed, artificial, overly sugary and salty crap.It is so bad for your wounds, it makes them heal slower and more prone to inflammation and infection.

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Drink lots of water maybe even spiked with lemon and cucumber for a more fully detoxifying effect. Eat lots of vegetables especially leafy greens for they are complete in many nutrients and minerals and are an underrated healing food. Be more vegetable and clean soup- heavy in your diet but also go for a good amount of protein for you need all those amino acids to repair the damaged, unsightly bruise.

It is also good to munch on things like papayas, guavas, pineapples, acai, goji berry, chia seeds, etc. while sipping on strong green tea. Go for things high in antioxidants that are varied as much as possible but definitely high in Vitamin C as well to rid your body of toxins and possible infections a lot faster. Do not forget to go for protein-rich vegetables, eggs and whatever meat you like that isn’t overly fatty.

3.) Natural Oils and Anti-Inflammatory Herbs and Spices

Natural essential oils are aromatic, feel great and are packed with nutrition of course! There are so many good smelling and not so good smelling, healing, antioxidant-rich oils to choose from such as extra virgin coconut oil, castor oil, avocado oil, tea tree oil, peppermint, eucalyptus, cedar wood or sandalwood.

There are a lot to choose from but if the oil is pretty high in Vitamin C and E and you are not allergic then it is good to go. The scents of the more pleasing oils are good for aromatherapy so maybe you would like to skip on the castor oil (even though it also has fantastic healing properties).

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