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9 Tips on Introducing More Vegetables in Your Diet

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Vegetables are good for you — period. However, most people are having a hard time welcoming more vegetables into their lives, thus failing to attain the many different health benefits that veggies have to offer.

If you’re one of those people, this article is perfect for you. The following are some ingenious tips on how you can consume more vegetables on a daily basis:

Put Them on the Topmost Shelf of the Fridge

Seeing vegetables each time you open the refrigerator door makes it so much easier to add them in your everyday diet. Because veggies are some of the most nutritious treats inside your fridge, they certainly do not deserve to be stashed in the bottom shelf or at the back of everything else.

Don’t Stay Away From Frozen Vegetables

Definitely, it can be very challenging to keep vegetables fresh and crisp for a number of days. If this is the sole reason why you are not consuming more veggies than you should, there’s a simple solution: go for frozen ones. Just as nutrient dense as fresh ones, frozen vegetables can stay in superb condition for several months.

Prepare Everything in Advance

Let’s admit it: washing, peeling and dicing vegetables can be time and energy consuming, and that’s why a lot of people do not even bother to prepare all sorts of dishes with veggies in them. Well, you can save lots of precious time and energy when you prepare a week’s worth veggies during the weekend when you have lots of free time.

Make Them a Part of Your Morning Routine

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Do you love having omellettes for breakfast? Then you are not going to have a hard time having vegetables each and every morning. That’s because there are lots of chopped up vegetables that can make omellettes taste so much lovelier and healthier, from vitamin C-loaded red bell peppers to iron-rich spinach.

Snack on Some Homemade Vegetable Chips

Whipping up vegetable chips with your own hands is rather easy — there are tons of super simple recipes that you can find in cyberspace. Root vegetables such as beets, carrots, turnips and potatoes are not the only ones that can be made into chips, but even leafy ones like kale and lettuce with the help of bread crumbs!

Blend Veggies in the Foods You Love

Mincing or pureeing vegetables can make it easier for them to be blended in some of the foods that you already love, from pasta to beefy burger patties. It’s the same strategy that you may opt for if you already have kids and they refuse to chomp through with anything that has any piece of vegetable visible on it.

Don’t Forget to Employ Your Juicer More Often

Producing a tall glass of smoothie on a regular basis is a wonderful way to increase the amount of vegetables that you consume. Veggies whose taste you don’t like may be paired with those you find palatable. It’s also perfectly fine to combine vegetables with fruits for you to come up with smoothies that you won’t mind glugging down.

Try a Different Vegetable Each and Every Time

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It can be very easy to get bored with eating vegetables, and everyone seems to agree with that. One of the secrets to keeping the consumption of veggies really exciting is to try a different one each time. With so many unique tasting and looking vegetables out there, staying healthy need not be mind-numbing.

Add More Salads to Your Life

Definitely, you can boost your daily intake of vegetables by having a bowl of salad every mealtime. Salads need not be boring as you can always mix and match veggies. It’s a wonderful idea to experiment with different blends of flavors, textures and colors! Also, there are tons of healthy salad dressings to choose from out there.

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