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Signs You Need to Wash Your Hair More

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Every beauty-conscious woman is aware that washing the hair too often is a complete no-no because it can cause hair dryness and damage, plus it can also leave the scalp feeling itchy. But did you know that not washing your mane enough is just as bad for you as doing it excessively?

If you want to know some of the telltale signs that you should wash your hair more often, read on. Afterwards, share this article to let your family and friends know those signs, too!

The reason why too much hair washing is not a good idea because it gets rid of sebum, which is a greasy substance that is produced by the sebaceous glands situated in your scalp. Sebum coats the hair strands to shield them from damage as well as to make them shine.

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When you wash your hair more often than necessary, you are stripping your hair of much-needed sebum. As a result, your hair strands become prone to getting dry and breaking quite easily.

However, too much sebum can also be detrimental to your tresses. Having excessive amounts of it on the scalp can have a negative impact on the growth cycle, and having lots and lots of it coating the hair strands can also affect the overall appearance your mane. Indeed, too little and too much sebum is bad!

If you think that you are not washing your hair enough, don’t stop reading now. Here are some of the unmistakable signs that you should reach for your shampoo bottle more:

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Your Hair is Limp

Just like what’s earlier mentioned, sebum is a greasy substance. And that is why having too much sebum due to infrequent hair washing can weigh your mane down, causing it to look limp and lifeless. And does it seem like that there are lots of dust and dirt adhering to your hair? It’s a clear sign that there’s simply lots of sebum around.

It Also Smells Terrible

Another hard-to-miss sign that you should start washing your hair more often is your hair is smelly. It’s either your most trusted and honest friends will tell you this, or guys will start steering clear of you. Spraying your scalp and hair with perfume won’t do the trick — it will only mask the problem, not get rid of it.

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There are Flakes Everywhere

Most people think that dandruff is only due to dry scalp. But did you know that too much sebum on the scalp can cause the same problem, too? Excessive sebum and the dirt it collects cause the skin of the scalp to shed much faster than usual. The flakes can also easily stick to your mane and clothes as they tend to be greasy.

You Feel Itchy

And just like dandruff due to scalp dryness, dandruff that is brought about by infrequent washing of hair can also leave your scalp feeling itchy. Scratching is definitely a terrible idea because it will only cause more flaking and itching. According to experts, hair loss may actually result from scratching your scalp.

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Pimples are Showing Up

If you are not washing your hair enough, you may also end up with pimples on your face — those dirty and grimy hair strands of yours may cause breakouts the minute they come into contact with your skin. It’s also very much likely for you to have pimples along your hairline and even on your scalp if you don’t shampoo your hair regularly.

Have you tried not washing your hair for a long, long time? If so, what were the nightmares that showed up because of it? Don’t feel embarrassed to share your experiences in the comments section below!

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