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Tips To Get Rid Of Yellow Nails

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One of the biggest problems we face when it comes to our nails is brittleness and yellow tints. Brittleness can be caused by different things, from an underlying illness to malnutrition. Yellow nails on the other hand, are often caused by nail polish. Applying too much nail polish or using them one after the other can cause discoloration in our nails that gives it that yellow hue. Another cause for discoloration in the nails is the too much bacteria build up. Trying to cover up yellow nails with nail polish can cause the nails to become brittle. The best option for you to take is to give your nails a break and try out these tips to get rid of yellow nails.


Lemons are incredibly acidic, leaving this on the skin or nails for too long can do more damage than good. But, if you apply it the right way and time you can easily remove yellow nails. You can either use a lemon slice or lemon juice. If your skin is more sensitive opt for lemon juice since it is a lot easier to control. You can use a lemon slice by rubbing it on the nails for about a minute each and rinse after 10 to 3o minutes. Repeat this at least every two days if yellow tints remain. With lemon juice, you can use a q tip or cotton ball to apply and rub on the nails. Leave it on for twenty minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Buffing Boards

If you do not have a problem with brittle nails you can use a buffing board to remove yellow nails. The yellow tint often only affects the top part of your nail. Buffing boards can help remove the top part of your nails to remove the yellow tint. Though, be careful when scrubbing the nail. Too much scrubbing can weaken the nails and make it prone to breaking. Apply a bit of hand lotion around your nails to prevent it from getting irritated due to buffing.

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Stop Using Dark Nail Polish

You can get yellow nails even with light nail polish, but dark nail polish gives off a darker and more visible yellow tint. Using dark nail polish is great and it can even elongate the fingers, but using them constantly can cause your nails to be discolored. Try opting for something light for a few months before switching to something darker again. The option you can take when you notice that your nails are turning yellow is to stop using nail polish. This will give your nails time to recuperate and grow normally. If you do plan to use dark nail polish, apply a clear base before applying to polish to reduce the chances of yellow nails.

Denture Cleaning Tablets or Toothpaste

If you have some denture cleaning tablets at home, you can remove yellow nails. Take about two to four tablets in water and mix until it dissolves. Soak your fingers in the mixture for about 15 minutes. Pat dry your hands and use a hand lotion to regain the moisture in your hands. You can perform this three times week until the stain completely disappears. Dentures contain cleaning and whitening ingredients that can help remove yellow nails. If you do not have denture cleaners at home, you can use toothpaste and an old toothbrush on your nails to remove yellow nails. Try this 3 times a week until the stain completely disappears. Opt for toothpaste that have whitening properties to speed up the process.

Tea Tree Oil 

Not all yellow nails are caused by nail polish. Some can be caused by a nail fungus. This can cause discoloration in the nails. You can remove the nail fungus using a simple natural remedy. Tea tree oil contains components that can kill fungus. Apply a few drops of tea tree oil all over your nails and leave it on for about 5 to 10 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. Apply tea tree oil twice a day for about a month or when you notice improvement in your nails. If you do have nail fungus avoid applying nail polish to prevent it from getting worse.

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Yellow nails can happen to anyone, it can happen to people that use strong chemicals such as bleaching when cleaning, gas and oils for cars and so on. It can be embarrassing at times, but this is a fairly common problem that can be removed with simple home remedies. Prevent getting yellow nails by using a clean base coat before you apply any shade of nail polish. This can act as a barrier preventing staining. Other possible causes in discoloration in the nails are liver disease, poor lifestyle habits, excessive smoking and fungal infection.

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