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Hacks for Fixing Ruined Clothes

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So, you’ve ruined your favorite sweater and contemplating of throwing it out or turning it into a rag. Well, those two are not the only option you have. You don’t have to throw away any of your favorite clothes anymore. Take out all of your ruined clothes and find the right hacks to make them look as good as brand new.

Below are some easy tips to help salvage all of your ruined clothes. Simple things and materials you have at home can help save any stained or ruined clothes. Try them out and see a remarkable result in a short period of time.

Grime on Suede

You got grime of your favorite suede shoe after fixing some breakfast. Don’t ruin them by soaking them in water or using soapy water on them. This will only leave water marks and most likely ruin the fabric. Keep them looking new and grime free by using a nail buffer. Take a clean cloth and use the nail buffer on the dry grime. Wipe it off with the clean cloth to prevent spreading the stain.

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Freezing Jeans

Your jeans are starting to fade and the fabric starting to thin out from too much washing. You can’t help washing your jeans since it starts to smell just a few times of wearing. Did you know that jeans aren’t supposed to be washed ever? Since most of us don’t really have the self-control or legs that never sweat, we have to wash them. If you really want to keep your jeans looking great and smelling free place them in your freezer. Place your jeans in a baggy and place it in the freezer overnight. The high temperature in the freezer can kill the odor from your jeans.

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Running Tights and Stockings

It’s really common for stocking and tights to get runs since it has very thin fabric. Not washing them properly or overly washing them are a few reasons that cause runs. You can prevent it from getting worse by applying clear nail polish. As soon as you notice a tear in your fabric apply clear nail polish and allow it to dry completely. Prevent it from having runs in the first place by hanging it properly and applying a good amount of Hairspray all over the fabric. Allow it to dry and repeat. The Hairspray will keep the fabric in place and prevent the fibers from tearing. You can do this every wash to keep them looking brand new.

Removing Red Wine

If you spill red wine on your favorite shirt, don’t worry! Counteract the stain by using white wine. Place your stained clothes on top of a flat surface and pour in white wine on the stain. Leave it to soak for a few hours before tossing it in the wash. If the stain doesn’t fade complete repeat the process. You can also do this in stained carpets. Soak in the white wine for a few minutes before brushing it off with a clean towel, soapy water and a brush.

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Deodorant Marks

Deodorants can cause yellow or visible marks on clothes. You can prevent this by letting your deodorant dry completely or pick a deodorant that is less sticky. Deodorant marks are mostly visible in light clothing. You can remove it by using baby wipes or a little bit of rubbing alcohol. Rub it off until the stain vanishes and allow it to dry. Once it is dry you’ll notice if there are still leftover substance from the deodorant. You can repeat the process to remove the mark entirely.

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Pilling Clothes

Most fabrics start to pill due to excessive wear and washing. You can remove the tiny little balled up fabric on top of your clothes to get the smooth finish by using a razor or electric shaver. Lay your clothes on a flat surface and use the shaver to remove the pilling. Do this all over and feel the fabric become smoother and softer.

Tea Bags in Shoes

You can remove odor from your shoes by using dry tea bags. Get some of your aromatic tea bags from the cupboard and place it deep inside your shoes. Cover the opening of the shoe slightly and leave the tea bags in overnight.

Makeup Stain

Applying makeup can leave makeup stain in your clothes. Makeup tends to be hard to remove in clothes. Makeup removers can cause stains and rubbing alcohol only spreads it. You can easily remove it by applying shaving cream. Apply shaving cream and rub it off with a clean cloth.
You can now save all of your stained garments! Try out these easy to do hacks the next time you ruin your clothes.

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