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Basic Hand Care

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When first meeting other people, the first interaction we get besides from direct eye contact is a handshake. This hand shake can say a lot about you, the way you grip the other person’s hand, the force you exert and of course the feel of your hands. Your hands are an important part of your body that you use every day. You use it when you apply makeup, type, create letters, grab a cup of coffee and so much more. So taking care of it should be a part of your daily routine.

Your hands can indicate how well you are aft taking yourself. Besides your face, your hands are the part of your body that can show what your real age is. Yes, your hands can actually give away your true age. You may look younger and flawless from your face to your neck, but wrinkles and age spots in your hands can indicate otherwise. There are some incredibly smart people that are able to guess your actual age just by looking at your hands.

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Our hands are constantly exposed to harmful elements from everyday activities. With constant exposure to chemicals, sun damage, dry air, force, and so on can damage your hands. Chipped nails and dry hands are some of the common problems that can be easily fixed with proper care and maintenance. You can get perfectly beautiful hands by maintaining a good hand care regimen.

Taking care of your hands doesn’t require too much. No need to buy expensive products or take too much effort. Finding the ideal routine for your hands and skin type is what you’ll need.

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Dry Hands

Dry hands are due to many factors such as hot water, dry air, excessive washing, exposure to chemicals and genes. Dry hands are prone to wrinkles and age spots. To make your hands look soft and young looking you have to maintain the moisture in your hands. When washing your hands focus on your palms instead of the back of your hands or fingers, this will prevent your hands from drying out. Every time you wash your hands apply lotion. This will lock in the moisture in your hands. Make it a habit to apply hand lotion. Place them all over the house, in your car and in your bag. Soon it will become a permanent habit. When you plan to use chemicals such as dish washing soaps, bleach or so on; use rubber gloves. If your hands are really dry and is starting look scaly. Apply a thick amount of vegetable oil or mineral oil and cover it in some gloves overnight. When washing your hands or taking a bath, opt for cool water. This will reduce dry skin and skin irritation. When drying your hands never rub it with a towel, dry it by patting it or blotting it.

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Reduce Signs of Aging

The best way to reduce the signs of aging is by early prevention. The sun can greatly affect your skin, it can develop wrinkles and age spots due to excessive exposure. It doesn’t matter if you’re young, taking care of your hands early on is important. Take care of your hands the same way you take care of your face. Wear sunscreen when you plan to go out or when you want to play outdoors. Since you need to wash your hands or it is in constant contact with water opt for waterproof formulas. When performing manual labor such as gardening, carpentry or mechanical work; wear gloves. This will keep harmful chemicals and dirt from seeping into the skin. This will also prevent blisters or skin lesions. Keep your hands moisturized, dry hands are prone to damage and aging. Apply anti-aging creams or treatment in your hands before you go to sleep. When applying your basic face care product, use the excess on your hands.

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Rings are a fashionable item that can flatter your hands. Wearing rings can make boney fingers look oval or round. Wearing a wider band can make it appear bulkier and thin rings can make it appear longer. You can prevent ring tan lines by applying sun block all over your hands.

Don’t leave your hands neglected. Your hand needs special treatment too. The moisturizer that they massage in your hand in the nail salon is not enough to keep your hands healthy. You need to make the effort too. Follow some of this basic hand care tips to get younger and smoother hands.

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