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Flatten Belly with These Superstar Foods

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Getting rid of excess fats in our body is not as easy as it seems, especially when it comes to the fats that have accumulated around our midsection, hips, and thighs. The problem with belly fat is that there is no spot treatment to make it go away. Even when you exercise, you cannot do crunches alone because you will have to work all the core muscles to ensure that you are burning fats evenly. What else is there to do to help speed up fat removal in your belly? Well, how about adding these foods to your daily diet?


Almonds are known to contain monounsaturated fats as well as vitamin E that can help reduce your cholesterol levels. Another plus to eating almonds is that they can pack fiber and protein which can help keep your hunger at bay. Aside from eating it raw, you can also sprinkle some crushed almonds on your low-fat unsweetened yogurt with berries and eat it for breakfast. This will give you the energy you need for the morning without making you succumb to craving before lunch.

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Green tea

If you haven’t been drinking tea, now is a good time to do so. And if you are wondering which tea to go for to help reduce your bulging belly, then start with green tea. One reason behind this is that green tea comes with high amounts of antioxidants that can help increase your metabolism which helps reduce the fats in the belly. What’s more, green tea comes with polyphenols which can also speed up the fat burning process which contributes to having a flat belly.

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You should also add avocado to your list of foods to eat to help reduce belly fat because of the monounsaturated fats that are stored in it. Another plus to eating avocados is that it has the highest amount of beta-sitosterol compared to other fruits which is why it is a good option to consider if you want to promote a health heart and balanced cholesterol levels too. You can eat it raw or prepare a dip by mashing ¼ avocado and mixing it with salt, pepper, and lime juice. Serve it with baked chips or even raw vegetables for a powerful and healthy snack.

Flaxseed oil

Another food that you should also add to your diet is flaxseed oil as it is one of the best sources of omega-3 essential fatty acids that are plant-based. Making this oil part of your diet can fight off inflammation thus protecting you from cancer, heart problems, and even Alzheimer’s just to name a few. To incorporate this oil in your diet, just stir in a tablespoon of this oil in your smoothie then drink.

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Olive oil

You should also try olive oil for fighting off belly fat thanks to the monounsaturated fats which can help reduce bad LDL cholesterol levels without causing HDL cholesterol to go down. Choose a greener colored olive oil because of the antioxidants that they contain. Look for extra-virgin olive oil over others to add to your salads and cooking too.

Sunflower seeds

Another food that you should consider adding to your diet is sunflower seeds. What you’ll love about sunflower seeds is that they are packed with plenty of vitamin B which is essential in keeping inflammation at bay. Another reason why you should add sunflower seeds is that they are good sources of vitamin E which can help keep your hunger at bay. And because you are not eating more it means that you are reducing the number of calories that you are consuming.

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