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Skincare Tips for the Fall

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The fall season is fast approaching and although many are looking forward to the colder months, some are worried about their skin’s condition. This is not surprising since the low temperatures can wreak havoc on your skin’s moisture levels. You can already imagine the intense care you will have to do to maintain your skin’s natural glow. But what can you do to make your skin look better even when the cold season arrives? Here are a few tips that you should know of.

Learn to exfoliate

For those who tend to breakout constantly when the temperature goes down, you will need to exfoliate a few times per week. The problem with the cooler months is that your dead skin cells will remain on the surface with the pores of your skin clogging up, hence the breakout. With that being said, you should start exfoliating your skin from time to time to help your skin looking fresh all the time.

Try facial oil

Facial oil on your skin? It is understandable that you’ll feel a little bit hesitant to apply facial oil, especially when you have oily skin, but during the fall, your skin will need all the help that it can get to prevent dryness. So, if you are wondering how you’ll be able to maintain your skin’s natural smoothness, try applying facial oil on your skin. Go for those that are light or non-greasy, so your skin won’t feel shiny or too oily.

Remember your lips

If you think that your skin is the only thing that needs protecting from the cold winds and freezing temperatures, then you might want to consider your lips which are also exposed to the biting wind. Fortunately, treating your lips is always a good idea, and one way to do this is to apply some smoothing primer on your lips so that your chapped lips overnight. This help in keeping your lips plump and properly moisturized. You should choose rich and thick emollients to ensure that more moisture will be absorbed by your lips.

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Always hydrate

You should make it a point to hydrate regularly especially when the fall season has arrived. The problem with the cold season is that it can rob your skin’s moisture thus causing to become dry and brittle. What’s more, this can also make your complexion dull too. The good news is that there are plenty of hydrating products that you can get from stores nowadays so make sure that you get a good one.

Choose a gentle cleanser

It’s not surprising that you will be sticking with the same cleansers no matter what the season is, but if you want to be able to take care of your skin, you might want to opt for balm or calming cleansing milk to cleanse your skin. These formulas are not only hydrating but they will also help you remove your makeup without removing the natural oils on your face. Another thing that you will like about this type of gentle cleanser is that it can keep irritation or redness at bay too especially when the temperature has gone down.

Shorten shower time

It’s always nice to take a long, hot shower when the weather is cold, but since this can cause your skin to become drier, because of the harsh temperature, you will not be able to enjoy that smooth and luxurious skin to have.

These are just a few things that you need you to try out during the fall in order to keep your skin’s natural glow.

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