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Pantry Items that can Boost Immune System

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Our immune system plays a crucial role in our health as it is the one responsible for fighting off viruses and other types of bacteria before they become full blown illnesses. Of course, what you eat can contribute to how sturdy your immune system can become which is why many health experts are recommending these pantry items if  you want to gain ample amount of protection against various diseases.

  • Citrus fruits. When it comes to enhancing your immune system, you should always start with eating more citrus fruits. This is due to the fact that citrus fruits contain more vitamin C in them which is known for its ability to boost one’s immune system. Also, vitamin C has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which provide further assistance to the body against diseases.
  • Onion. Another pantry item that can protect you against colds, bronchial issues, and even skin diseases is onion. Onion is known for its ability to promote production of digestive juices to break down your foods so that the nutrients will be absorbed quickly into the body. You can eat it as is, make a tea out of it, or cooked depending on your preference.
  • Berries. Berries have always been used to combat different types of infections. This is due to the fact that they are packed with polyphenols which are basicaly a type of plant compounds that contain antimicrobial properties that can help eliminate germs in your body.
  • Garlic. You should also look into the numerous uses of garlic if you are trying to strengthen your immune system. Among the benefits that are linked to garlic are treating fluid retention, colds, as well as various skin problems. What’s great about this ingredient is that it can be prepared in different ways such as powdered, in oil form, raw, or even cooked. Garlic is considered as an old medicinal plant which has been frequently used as an antibiotic.
  • Sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are perfect for boosting your immune system because aside from tasting quite delicious, they also contain high amounts of vitamin A which can enhance your immune system. Studies show that low numbers of vitamin A can lead to weaker immune system thus increasing your risk from various diseases. Of course, you shouldn’t consume too much foods containing vitamin A as it has adverse effects. It is best to keep your intake to what is recommended.
  • Celery seed. If you want to help boost your immune system to be able to fight off respiratory problems, colds, sinus, bronchitis, and other immune problems, get some celery seeds and mix it with your dishes. Celery seed can help provide you protection against common illnesses plus you can use celery seed oil to combat your digestive problems because it acts as a diuretic.
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These are just a few examples of pantry items that you can actually use to enhance your immune system so that you won’t be prone to suffering from common health issues from colds to cough to congestions and everything in between.

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