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Learn to Reward Yourself Positively Instead of Food

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It may seem like a great idea to treat yourself with a pint of ice cream after going through a week of exams or going out to feast on the biggest burger meal after you 4-hour gym session, but you know in the back of your mind you shouldn’t. There is a certain guilt that comes after these types of rewards. It is mostly a temptation than a reward. It also often contradicts your hard work. After working so hard studying, do you really want to numb your brains with something that is sugary and fatty? After spending all that time burning calories at the gym, do you really want to gain all that back in one sitting? Of course we want to reward ourselves. It is one of the key factors for keeping us motivated. It’s okay to reward yourself, not just food or when you do want something to eat opt for healthier options.

Buy Something That Will Last

A great thing you can reward yourself is something you can have for a long time, unlike food; once you consume it’s gone. Buying something related to what you achieve is an option. If you’ve finally finished the marathon you’ve always wanted to do. Why not try buying yourself a new pair of shoes? If you’ve managed to finish that hard exam. Why not reward yourself with a book you’ve always wanted to buy or a gadget that can help you with school. Rewards the you can use and see every day are an ideal since it can inspire you and remind you of your achievements.

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A Relaxing Day Out

Exercising, working, studying and even doing day to day chores can be incredibly tiring and stressful. Instead of treating yourself with a high calorie and sugary food. Why not try something that can relax your mind and body? Going out to get a massage or getting a manicure, pedicure is a great way to de-stress yourself. This is a great way to treat yourself for working so hard and not be guilty about it. This is a great reward for your small achievements or goal. If you managed to go to the gym 5 times a week like you promised, reward yourself with a foot spa. Managed to go to work without any absences or late? Go to the spa with your friends and have a relaxing day out. This is a better alternative to food, since it trains you that the rewards are things that can help reduce your stress and not make you guilty in the end.

Date Night

If you are starting to forget what a meal out taste like or you’ve been completely late in watching any of your favorite TV shows, then it’s time for a date night. If you’ve been working or studying too hard that you barely go out or if you’ve been focusing too much on housework that you and your husband never go out on a date anymore – set up a date night. You can spend this with your friends, your special someone or even with your pet. This is a long overdue night to dress up and have fun. Set it up after a goal you want to achieve to make you look forward for it and make you work harder to achieve your goal. Try something you’ve never done before such as ice skating, going to a play, hiking or go watch the movie you’ve always wanted to see. If you want to go all out, why not travel?

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Make Over

The usual thing that stops us from getting a makeover is time and money, thus making it a great reward for yourself. Giving a day dedicated to yourself is a great way to boost your confidence and reduce your stress. Get that haircut and color you want. Spend a few bucks into getting a facial or clothes. Go to the makeup counters and ask for a makeover. Anything that can help boost your confidence is a great alternative to eating unhealthy food. If you are not much of a makeover person. Revamping your space is also a great reward. Buy yourself a new work desk or chair. Try a room makeover if you have the budget.

It is is never a good habit to reward yourself with unhealthy choices – most especially unhealthy food. It can encourage unhealthy and negative habits that can affect our mindset. This can cause us to think that healthy food or hard work as punishment. Instead, using unhealthy rewards such as a smoke, over-consumption of alcohol or unhealthy food – opt for once in this list and see how much positive your mindset will be towards food and work. This will also improve your quality of life and improve your health in the long run.

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