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Makeup Tips to Look Good In Pictures

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Applying makeup is incredibly tricky. Your makeup can look smashing in real life, but then “flash” you get the caked faced, dark eyeshadow makeup look. There is a huge difference when it comes to everyday makeup and pictorial makeup. Taking photos often have unflattering flashes, poor lighting and bad angles.

In the age where social media dominates most industries. The advertising, fashion, music, art, and food industry use social media. The power of a good photo can do magic. Who knows, your photo or video is the next social media sensation? If you’re not really opting for that kind of publicity and just looking for a good profile picture than this article is for you.

So, what exactly makes a selfie? Is it the right angle, lighting, or the makeup? All of these factor in to create the perfect selfie. There are a lot of pre photo makeup tips you can do to guarantee a good photo. No more worries of looking bad in group photos. Here are some tips you can do to look good in pictures.

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Before applying makeup make sure you perform the necessary preparation procedure. Cleanse your face, apply your toner, your topical creams, and moisturizer and so on.
Primer is important when it comes to taking pictures. Before taking a photo, it’s important to have a smooth and fine base. Making your skin appear flawless. The primer will also give your skin that natural glow.


Don’t wash out your face by skipping on applying blush. The face appears paler and tired under the light of a heavy flash. Blush will help add definition to your face, without making you look you’ve done too much. The right blush will give you the blushing and glowing natural look. Remember, the makeup you apply is also magnified. Applying too much blush will make you look like a clown. You can find out if your blush is enough by taking some test shots.

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Black Liner and Black Mascara

One of the best ways to add definition to your eyes is applying black liner and black mascara. The dark hue of the makeup creates a better contrast on the skin. Making your eye makeup, pop. Using brown liners will be washed out from the camera’s light, making your eyes appear tired.


Using sparkly and shimmery make up will only make your face appear oily on photographs. The shimmer will add an extra sheen to your skin. Avoid using products with sparkle and shimmer when planning to take photos. The best makeup option is to go matte. Matte makeup looks better in photographs, they appear more natural.

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Whiten Your Teeth

Since you’ll be smiling in your picture, you’d want to have beautiful white teeth. Having bright white teeth will also help make lipstick color pop. Apply whitening strips the day before you plan on getting your picture taken.

Use Deep Colors

Deep colors register better in photographs than pastel or light colors. Pick eyeshadow shades that are rich in color and can make your eyes pop. You can even experiment, crazy and bright colors appear more natural in photographs. If you feel daring opt for red or even green eyeshadow.


Avoid applying sunscreen when planning to take a photograph. This will make your skin appear oily. If you plan to go outside or be at an outdoor event, use chemical than physical sunscreen.

Contour and Highlight

When planning to take pictures or going to an event where you’ll be taking lots of pictures, don’t forget to contour and highlight. Accentuate your facial structure by contouring your jaw line, nose and cheeks. Highlight the under eye area, nose and apple of the cheeks.

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Use Lip Liner

Lip liner can make a huge difference when it comes to your lipstick. Applying lip liner will define the lines of your lips and prevent it from bleeding. This will keep your lips looking picture perfect through the day.

It’s not that hard to look good in pictures with these easy to do tips. We also suggest performing test shots, takes a picture with natural light and inside the house. This a great way to see problems with your makeup and help you learn about your best angles.

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