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Things Your Nail Salon Isn’t Telling You

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The beauty industry makes billions of dollars every year. Most of us spend almost half of our income in this industry. We buy makeup, facial cleansers, avail salon services, get waxed and so on. Yet, one of the leading branches of the beauty industry is nails. Nail salons have been popping one after another. We often spend a fine sum to get our manicure and pedicures done that exclude other services such as nail arts, nail extensions and so on. Monthly nail salon cost can cause a tiny dent in our income. It’s no surprise that the nail industry earns up to six billion dollars yearly.

The money that you spend for this little luxury every month means a lot to these business owners and they are willing to do whatever it takes to make you keep coming back. There are nail salons that are willing to go above and beyond to give you the best services.

We are not trying to scare you. Like any business, there is always a risk. You can get food poisoning in restaurants, get injured in amusement parks and get a defective product from top companies. Like these examples, nail salons often come with a risk. You can get infections and skin diseases from simple manicure and pedicure services. This often occurs in nail salons that have poor sanitation practices and inadequate staff. Read on to know some of the other things your nail salon is not telling you.

You Are Always At Risk

According to recent studies nail salon patrons are always at risk of getting viral, fungal and bacterial infections. Most clients walk out of their favorite nail salon with these said infections. 7 out of 10 nail salons follow their own sanitizing procedure and protocol for disinfection. This mainly consists of not soaking there utensil properly, not mixing their disinfectant properly and using cheap alternative to reduce costs. There is no ideal way to actually find out if the instruments they are using are sanitized without watching the disinfection process. The safest bet you have is to bring your own instruments and have them professionally disinfected every after use.

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You Don’t Need To Get Your Calluses Removed

Salons will often take you to get your calluses removed even some of the patrons will ask their nail technician to remove calluses for them. According to skin experts, removing this dark patch isn’t necessary. For athletes having these calluses can help improve performance and grip. If you’re not an athlete, the only time that you should get your calluses removed is when it becomes too thick and uncomfortable. You can remove it with a deep soak and scrub. If you really want to get your callous remove opt for a chemical remover or scrubs. Cutting or shaving the skin can cause infection and will only cause the callous to come back thicker.


Footbaths can be incredibly relaxing after a long day of walking around town, but did you know that is one of the hardest item to disinfect? Footbaths are also prone to bacteria from the water they use, microbe growth and disinfection method though bringing footbath under heat for a long period of time can help lessen the possibility of an infection. If you notice that your nail salon is just storing their footbath in a random place, then be a little bit more careful. Disinfect your feet once you get home.

When You Shave

Most nail salons forget to ask their clients if they shaved before an appointment. Since they know that shaving before a treatment can be a reason to reject a client and what type of business would reject a client? Well, your nail technician doesn’t care about your hairy legs. You should never shave before a pedicure, this makes your skin more prone to infection.

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There’s No Blood So It’s Okay… Not!

Skin damage can either be microscopic or visible. Nail technician can use nail nippers, files, cutting tools and more to scratch and nick your skin. Sometimes they can draw blood and sometimes not. It doesn’t mean that there is no blood, there is no break in the skin. This break can be susceptible to infection.

Now, you’ve heard about these not-so-secrets of nail salons, you’re now a lot more careful. We’re not instilling fear in you. The key is to be meticulous and careful when it comes to your body. The services you acquire should be at the top of its game. The next time you want your nails cleaned, consider these things and reevaluate your favorite nail salon.

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