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Drinking Water at the Proper Time

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It is a basic knowledge that drinking the right amount of water daily is crucial for the body to function efficiently and to maintain good health. Drinking water is a very important regimen. But many are unaware that there is a designated time to drink water not just when one needs to quench his or her thirst. Know when the proper time in drinking water is and practice doing this on a daily basis and help improve the wellness of your body and health.

  1. After waking up

Quite many are already informed and aware to drink one to two glasses of water first thing in the morning. This can help stimulate the internal organs and it can help remove wastes accumulated in the body before having the first meal after a deep slumber.

  1. Before a meal

Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before eating can help in proper digestion. It is important to note that drinking too soon before or after a meal must be avoided. This is because since the digestive system functions with the aid of acidic juices, water can dilute these juices and impair their function. Drinking water an hour after a meal can also help the body absorb the vital nutrients incorporated in the food from the diet.

  1. Before taking a bath

A glass of water before bathing can help lower the blood pressure.

  1. Before sleep

The range of hours a normal person usually gets is 7-10 hours. Within these hours of deep sleep, the body is deprived of water. So it is of utmost importance to drink a glass of water before bedtime in order to replenish the fluid loss that can occur while a person sleeps. Putting this into practice can also minimize the risk of heart attack and stroke during the night’s rest.

  1. Before doing a workout
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When performing a daily routine of exercise, the body’s fluid levels are constantly decreasing. When it is not replenished, dehydration can be an outcome. Drinking a glass of water can serve as armor against dehydration.

Drinking enough water is not only good for the health but as well as for beauty and a longer life. One can survive hunger for forty days but a person cannot live with only a few days without water. Drinking water is not the only thing that must be practiced but as well as drinking the right amount and drinking it on the desired time.  Putting these into action can surely increase the efficiency of the body to properly function.

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