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Workouts for a Better Breast

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Want to get perkier and stronger breast? Find out the best workouts that can make your bust firmer, stronger and even bigger. No need for surgery.
Our breast is affected by two important muscles. The pectoralis minor and pectoralis major, and by other smaller muscles. These muscles can be found on the breastbone, connected to the humerus and underneath the breast tissue.
Your chest and your chest muscles play a huge role in helping your shoulder move forward and bringing your arms up and across the body.
Thanks to the invention of corsets and early forms of brassiere, the push up was born. Even people that are not well endowed are given the ability to get that perfect curvaceous body. Push up bras a great, quick and efficient way to give your boobs the boost it needs, there are other ways to get that perky and model like bust you want. Learn how to strengthen and enhance the right
muscles. These exercises below target your middle, lower and upper chest muscles, giving you that firmer and perkier bust.

Dumbbell Flies

Start by lying down on a bench or the floor as if you are about to
perform a bench press. Keep your shoulders firmly on the ground or bench. Place both of your arms straight away from your side. Make a straight line from your left hand, shoulder and right hand; palm facing up. Now, bend your elbows and close your hands. You can carry dumbbells for this is you want to challenge yourself. Let your knuckles face out and hold the weights firmly. Open your arms out forward and create a straight line using your
arms. Lower your hands and bend your elbow, keep it in line with your shoulder. This counts as one repetition. Repeat this for 10 repetitions for 2 to 3 sets. This workout gives you a firmer bust because it’s an isolated movement. It allows you to work one joint and different muscles.


This exercise is great for keeping the chest firm, it also helps overall stability and cardio. This exercise can help work out the arms, shoulders, chest, back, legs and more. Start this exercise by performing a push up. Keep your arms straight and chest off the ground. Jump your legs forward toward your chest, you will be in a bent over position. Keep your glutes and leg muscle
firm, lift your hands off the ground and jump. Jump as high as you can and as soon as your feet land, go back to the bend over position. Keep your hands on the ground and jump your feet back to get the pu sh up position. This counts as one repetition. Perform this exercise for 4 sets for a minute or 2, take 30 second
s between each set.

Push Ups

Push ups are the most basic exercise you can do to improve your pecs. This exercise can also help the core, back and shoulder muscles too. You can switch out from using your knees to your toes or by using a stability ball to increase the challenge of the exercise. Start by lying on your stomach and place your
hands on the ground. Push yourself up and keep a straight line from your shoulders to your knees or toes. You can also cross your ankles together. Keep your stomach and arms tense. Lower yourself to the starting position. Repeat this as much as you can for one minute.

Medicine Ball Slams

You will be needing a medicine ball to start this exercise. Hold on
to the medicine ball with both hands and lift it above your head. Keep your feet shoulder width apart and bend your knees. Slam the medicine ball towards the ground as hard as you can. Pick it up again and repeat this for 20 repetitions for three sets. This exercise will help improve the chest muscle due to its slamming motion. The harder your slam the medicine ball, the harder your muscle work. This exercise will also work out the leg, arms
and shoulder muscles.
These exercises are also designed to help build the muscles in the upper back, lower back and shoulder. These muscles are responsible for giving you that perfect posture. This will also help enhance your natural curves and confidence.
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