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Mistakes to Prevent If You Have Oily Skin

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We’ve all experienced some skin issues and breakouts once in our lives, but one of the most difficult condition to deal with is oily skin. For people that suffer from oily skin that is more than just having a shiny nose, recognizes how hard it is to have excess oil. You are more prone to acne, blackheads, clogged pores and breakouts. Excess oil can be caused by multiple factors, it can be caused by an unhealthy diet, stress, the weather or the menstrual cycle. A spike in the hormone level can alter the production of oil in the skin. This is why some people get breakouts before their period.

The best way to treat oily skin is a proper skin care regimen that is specifically targeted for excess sebum. Even if you maintain these skin care routine, but still have acne, you might be making some mistakes with your diet and skin regiment.

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Here are some mistakes to prevent if you have oily skin:

Avoiding Cleansing Oils:

People with oily skin avoid cleansing oils due to the belief that it would make your kin oilier. The truth is, some cleansing oils can actually help balance out the production of sebum of the skin. If you are still struggling with excess oil, then why not try ditching your cleansing foams with some cleansing oils. Ask about the cleansing oils that help lessen oil production.

Using a Drying Cleanser:

Most cleansers targeted for oily skin are a drying cleanser. This is usually made with ingredients that stops the production of oil in the skin. Excessive use of these types of cleanser will extremely dry the skin and make the skin produce more sebum. If you suddenly stop using these drying cleansers you will experience a sudden breakout. Try cleansers that are sulfate free. This cleans the skin through the pores without leaving the skin dry.

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Not Relaxing

One of the causes of excess oils on the skin is stressed. If you live a stressful life you are more prone to oily skin. When you are stressed your sebaceous glands produce more oil due to the overproduction of cortisol in the adrenal gland. Try relaxing once in a while, go for a stress free me time or go out with your friends.

Not Hydrating the Skin

A misconception when it comes to oily skin is to not apply moisturizer and topical hydration. It is believed to cause over production of oil on the skin. Neglecting applying hydrating serums or moisturizer on the skin can trick it into believing it is drying out causing it to produce more oil. Apply hydration creams and moisturizer, especially when the weather is too cold.

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Relaying on a Cure

One cream is not enough to completely cure oily skin. The best way to handle it is learning to combat it. If you produce excessive oil always bring a blotting paper to fight off oil throughout the day. Remove shine from your skin with matte powder when applying makeup.

Keep attention to your skin and make sure to regularly cleanse it. Apply the needed products to prevent overproduction of oil and prevent making these oily skin mistakes.

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