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What You Need To Know About Contouring

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We’ve seen the sudden rise of countering and highlighting in the makeup industry. This technique was once only used by professional makeup artist in Broadways, magazines and videos. Now, you can see multiple how to contour videos all over the internet.  Well-known brands are now creating different products to cater to your different contouring needs, but what do you really know about contouring?

Here are what you need to know:

1. Contouring and Highlighting Is Not For Everyday Makeup

Light contouring and highlighting is great for every day. It needs to be subtle, if you put on thick and heavily contoured makeup on you will appear like a clown. Heavy contouring was originally started for drag and for Broadway. This was created to make an illusion of high cheekbones, a smaller forehead or a smaller jaw. Heavy contouring without bright lights will appear incredibly fake. Unless you are planning to go Instagram your whole day or stay under a stage light, then go for a heavy contour. If you’re just planning to go out or have a nice evening subtle contouring is key.

2. Not One Contour Plan Works With Everyone

You’ve seen multiple how to contour guides out there, but you have to understand not all of these will work with your face. One of the best ways to learn how to contour your face is to divide it by four. One across the middle of the forehead down to the chin and another from ear to ear. You will notice that the other side of your chin area or your cheek is not the same with the other. Now, you have to learn to balance it out with contouring and highlighting. Is one of your cheek puffier than the other? Apply more highlight on the side that is deflated. Is your right jaw bigger than the other? Then apply more contouring shade on the big side to balance it out and so on.

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3. You Can Use Different Products for Contouring

If you have never tried contouring and highlighting, then let us tell you that it will be hard to get right on your first time. There are different products to use and different types and these can be confusing. There are creams, sticks and powder. You don’t have to buy all of these types of products though, some products that you already have in your kit can be used for contouring. A lighter shade of concealer can be used for a highlighter and a darker shade can be used as a contour

4. Picking the Product

Never pick a product that is drastically different from your skin tone. Find shades that are just a shade or two shades lighter or darker than your natural skin tone. Cream highlighter and contours are usually used before powdered versions of the products. Before buying a product consider three things, your skin tone, your skin type and your price range.

Besides the common darker shade or lighter shade, highlight and contour, you can use Bronzers and blush to help create angles on the face.

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