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6 Things You Need To Know Before Getting a Haircut

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We all go through the process of getting a haircut. And I’m sure you’re all thinking its just a routinary procedure, but it’s not the simple as you think.

Hairstyle can be beneficial to our looks, so we want to have the best haircut possible. To avoid having bad haircuts, remember to consider these things first.

Here are 6 things to consider before getting that cut:

1. Pick the right salon

There are so many kinds and types of hair salon out there. From the traditional and trendy barbershops and beauty salons.

So how do you choose? The best way to choose is through word of mouth, your friends and someone whose haircut you really like. Discuss with your friends their favorite hairstylists.

2. Hair Color

If you’re sporting a hair color or highlights before a haircut, make sure to take that into consideration. It may not look good after your hair cut. Try to consider your new hair color or the touch-up to go along with your new hair style.

3. Hair Texture

You all know that certain hair types are much better with this or that hairstyle. So, before deciding to get a hair cut, know your type first.

Do you have curly or straight hair? Will a pixie cut work well with curly hair or a straight hair with a one-length cut? Consult with your hairstylist first, before your haircut.

4. Your Lifestyle

Make sure that the hairstyle you want fits your lifestyle. Are you the type of person who’s always on the go? Is your hairstyle time-consuming? Make sure you are prepared for the type of hair cut, when you get out of the salon.

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5. Your Expectations

Try to bring a photo of the hair cut you want and show it to your stylist. This way you can discuss if the style will suit you best.

But always remember that you’re getting a version of that cut and not the exact same replica. This is just to serve as a model, of how you want your cut to be.

6. You’re Ready

Make sure you’re really ready to sport a new cut. If you’re cutting off a significant amount of hair length, then make sure you’re ready to accept the changes. Growing your hair back will take time, so make sure you really want a new hairstyle and cut.

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