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The External/Internal Method of Self Hypnosis

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Self hypnosis is an effective and practical technique for getting to a deep state of relaxation. Self Hypnosis can be utilized with or without affirmations (positive thought about one’s self formulated beforehand) depending on the achievements desired from the session.

Here wee look at the External/Internal Method of Self Hypnosis which was created by Betty Erickson. This is not only considered one of the most popular methods nowadays but also one of the most effective. This self hypnosis technique is very unique in that is gives pre-hypnotic suggestions each time. This entails telling oneself what is desired to be accomplished before going into the induced trance and into the calm and tranquil state that comes with it.

The first step for this would be to state the goal or goals. It is important to tell the self what purposes there are in going into this particular self hypnosis. Clearly expound why the trance and hypnosis is required and how it will help and assist in the bigger scheme of things. It is important to tell the self that during this self hypnosis session, the unconscious mind will make all the needed adjustments so that whatever is desired will flow easily and naturally. It is also best to state how you want to feel upon the completion of the process as well as how long the trance should be for that particular session.

Next would be the Induction wherein a person is supposed to notice three things, one at a time only, that is visible then. Then these must be looked at for brief moments. After this, we move on to three things that can be heard and then finally into three things that can be felt. Once done, repeat these over but less one for each until there are no more.

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The next step is to close the eyes and picture something that makes a person happy. The image may be made up or remembered. This should be followed by imagining a sound occurring quickly followed by any type of feeling that the person going through this would want. Should the mind not complete the thoughts of the sights, sounds and feelings, it is a marker that the relaxation is in place. Assist the estate you are in further by allowing the mind to wander freely and trust that the unconscious mind in playing with suggestions it is given.

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