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Meditation by Way of Spiritual Direction

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Christian meditation is a means by which we offer a prayer in silence. Our main purpose in meditating is to be in the presence of God. This is usually a payer without a petition. We do not communicate any need, desire, or want to God but instead with a pure heart and spirit, we become one with the Lord and we adapt a sense of peace and calm to our everyday lives.

One trusted Christian meditation technique that was already able to help a lot of Christian in communities nationwide is the Spiritual direction meeting. This meditation technique is efficient as a Spiritual director will guide you through the process of meditation. The benefits of signing up for a spiritual direction class are impressive and unprecedented. Spiritual direction process starts as your spiritual directory will explain and illustrate how one’s body and mind should be relaxed throughout the whole process of meditation. We can only communicate and reflect on God’s words if we clear our minds of troubles, worries, and negative feelings such as doubt and hesitations. Spiritual directions have been there and definitely were able to achieve the satisfying feeling of being in sync with God’s will and wishes for His children.

Spiritual direction is all about staying in touch with one’s spirit. Ignoring distractions by focusing your attention to a focal point such as a cross, flower, or the Bible will help you to achieve a higher level of consciousness where God’s Words are realized and are then applied to one’s life. Spiritual directors are objective as they listen to what you have to say. They help you analyze the things which you have realized during meditation. If you want to gain insight in a fast and efficient manner, you will definitely develop that trait and so much more by choosing a Spiritual director who will understand you and not be judgmental with what you have to say.

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Spiritual direction is a great way of reflecting to one’s self while an individual works his way up to raising his awareness to the morals and spiritual lessons that God brings through the use of Sacred Scriptures. This Christian meditation technique is worth trying as it generates the best and fastest results for individuals who want to stay in-tuned with their body, mind, and spirit with the help of God’s words in at all times.

Christian Meditation Techniques for Beginners

As faithful Christian followers, we all yearn to be like Jesus Christ. This is becoming harder by the day since our society nowadays is filled with so much chaos and confusion. Although we are sincere in our intentions of becoming more like Christ and closer to God, negativity, hate, and anger hinder us from attaining our ultimate Christian goal. These problems should never impede us in our quest to be in-tuned with our spirituality and connection with God. Christian meditation tradition tells us that there are different methods by which we can communicate and be one with God. If you are a beginner who wants to start his journey with the right tools and sense of spirituality, the guided Christian meditation technique definitely is the most ideal medium to grow in Christ and be touched by God’s inspiring and loving words.

Guided Christian meditation comes in audio CDs and DVDs as well. Although the latter is more technologically advanced, many Christians who are starting their meditation practice prefer utilizing guided Christian meditations audios instead. Audio CDs facilitate easier focusing capabilities during meditation. Watching Christian meditation videos is undoubtedly nourishing for the soul. However since two or more senses are utilized at one time, a beginner may wander off from the purpose of watching the meditation video. In meditation, it’s a must that most of your senses are free of any distractions so we can easily detect the fulfillment of our goals once we’ve successfully reached a higher level of mindfulness during meditation sessions

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Guided Christian meditation audio CDs provide customers a step-by-step guide on how you can close your mind and senses from all external stimuli and concentrate on the task ahead. If you think that you cannot perform meditation techniques on your own, purchasing a guided Christian meditation audio is the best way to go. Furthermore, these audio CDs provide you tips on how to relax both your mind and body as preparations before meditation. Guided meditation audios will guide you through the sacred scriptures and images which you need to focus on while meditating. This is extremely helpful, especially among beginners who are clueless of what they should be uttering or perceiving during Christian meditation sessions.

A guided Christian meditation CD is an effective tool for individuals who are overwhelmed with negative feelings and thoughts and who are in dire need to pacify themselves with comforting Bible passages. Most guided Christian meditation CDs are being sold cheap in Christian bookstores or in faith-based record stores.

If you want to start right and be guided to take the right path, a guided Christian meditation audio is definitely an effective and powerful way of becoming closer to the Lord.

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