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Keep Your Lipstick All-Day With This One Trick!

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Are you always worried that you will not be able to keep your lipstick all day? Worry no more, because keeping you’re pout in place is easy!

Try this one simple trick, to keep your pout in place.

First off, you have to make sure that your lips are well moisturized and exfoliated. Then say hello to…


Yes, using lip-liner is the secret to keep your pout from fading out. Line your lips to help keep the lipstick in place. Also, fill in your lips with lip-liner to help as a base for your lipstick to hold on to.

You can match the lip-liner to your lipstick color or try a different color. Try a nude lip-liner underneath, or a different color and shade, to create a new one when combined with your lipstick.

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See keeping your lipstick in place, is as easy as having a lip-liner in your makeup kit. Have that perfect and pretty pout!

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