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Japanese Facial Massage to Master

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Getting a facial massage is probably one of the secrets as to why Japanese women look younger than their years. There are many benefits to be gained when massaging your skin from improving blood flow, to keeping your skin smooth and firm. But how do you get a good facial massage? There are massage parlors that you can go to for your much needed massage but sometimes, we don’t have the time or the money for it. The good news is that you can make use of Japanese facial massage on your own to help stimulate the blood on your face for that radiant glow.

Use face lotion

The first step to your facial massage it to apply a face lotion that contains milk on your face to make it easier for your hands to glide on your skin. Once you have applied your facial lotion, place the palm of your hand on your forehead. Place even pressure on your forehead while moving it in a circular motion.

Massage your temples

After massaging your forehead for 10 seconds, slowly bring the palms of your hands on your temples. Massage this area lightly. If you are feeling a bit tense lately, repeat the massage as many times as you want.

Move to your cheekbones

Once you are done with your temples, move the palms below the cheekbones then slide your palms toward your ears. Apply a light pressure on your palms as you move them outwards to help reduce the tension on your face. You should do this for a few seconds or until you feel relief.

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Massage entire face

The next step in this Japanese facial massage is to massage your entire face. Position your thumbs below your jaw with your index fingers placed by the nose. Now slowly move your hands upward then move outward all the way to your ears. Repeat this movement several times to give your facial muscles a good massage.

On to your decollete

Your massage doesn’t end here yet as you should also massage from your ears to your decollete. Using your palms, glide them evenly from your ears all the way down to your decollete. Even pressure should be applied still to help remove the tension that you are feeling at this point. You can repeat this 5 to 6 times. 

You don’t really need to pay for a good massage as this Japanese facial massage can be done on your own. You can use this on days when you are feeling stressed as it helps release the tension on your body. Plus, it has this calming and soothing effect to your body too which is a huge benefit. You will find that constantly massaging your face can help clear it up from any premature signs of aging because you are stimulating blood flow in this area of your body.

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