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Remedies for Varicose Veins

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Varicose veins often occur due to weak veins. These veins are responsible for distributing blood through the body. There are different causes for weak veins. From standing for long periods of time, lack of exercise, pregnancy, obesity and so on. When the veins start to weaken, the blood flow is interrupted and can cause congestion.

Varicose veins can occur all over the body but is more common in the lower regions such as the legs. There are now various treatments that can remove varicose veins such as surgery and laser treatment. However, these things can be quite expensive. There are also home remedies that can lessen varicose veins, but cannot remove them completely. These remedies do not have any side effects and are incredibly affordable.

Home remedies are advised for people that do not struggle with varicose veins that aren’t affecting their ability to do day to day activities. These treatments can help slow down the symptoms of varicose veins. Limit the complications and reduce its appearance. Below are some of the top remedies for varicose veins.

  • Elevating your legs while you sleep or rest can help improve the blood flow in this area, reducing the symptoms and complications of varicose veins. You can elevate your legs with two pillows when you sleep or before you go to bed raise your feet against the wall. Keep your body at a 90 degree angle and place a pillow underneath your back if you suffer from back pain. Stay in this position for 10 to 15 minutes at least 3 times a day to help increase the blood flow.
  • Watching your weight is important to handle varicose veins. Your veins will start to deteriorate faster when it carries extra weight. The more weight you put on, the bigger the chances you will develop or worsen your varicose veins. If you currently have them and is way above the healthy BMI for your weight, shedding a few pounds can help you reduce them immensely. The first thing you have to check out is your diet. Try to stay away from fatty and oily foods, this can affect your blood flow and worsen your condition. Stick to foods that are healthy and light.
  • Low Sodium diets are essential to varicose veins. The more water your body retains the worse your swelling will become. The swelling can increase the pain caused by the damaged veins. Try a balanced diet filled with fresh fruits, whole grains, raw vegetable and seeds.
  • Keep moving, changing your position every few hours can help reduce the symptoms and appearance of your varicose veins. Sitting or standing for long hours without moving can reduce the flow in your blood stream and make the veins more constricted. Even when sitting in long periods try to move your legs every half hour. When standing try to move as much as possible or switch the legs you apply pressure on. You can also massage the affected area every few minutes to help with blow flow.
  • Breakfast of carrot and spinach juice can help reduce and even heal the symptoms of varicose veins. Combining equal parts of these juices every morning can help give you relief for the day ahead. You can create fresh juice by blending them together and creating a smoothie. The natural contents of carrot and spinach juice can help reduce inflammation, improve blood flow and reduce water retention.
  • Applying apple cider vinegar on your varicose veins at least three times a day can help treat the issue. Apply it once in the morning, at lunch and before you go to bed. The apple cider can help shrink the veins to its natural size and reduce the discomfort and pain caused by it.
  • Warm Water Enema can help cleanse the bowels and reduce water retention in the body. This can help relieve the pain caused by the varicose veins. This will also help improve the blood circulation in the body and reduce the toxins in the body.
  • Regular exercise can help the blood pumping and improve the circulation in the body. At least 10 minutes of exercise a day can help improve the symptoms of varicose veins. Combine this with a healthy diet, you’ll see improvement in just a matter of weeks.
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If your varicose veins are starting to cause you too much pain and is affecting your day to day activity, then go to your doctor and consult with them the fastest way to get relief. Doctors may prescribe you with anti-inflammatory drug that can help reduce the pain and discomfort caused by the varicose vein. Prevention is important early on to prevent varicose veins. Avoid standing for long periods, going barefoot on cold floors and take care of bruises to avoid weak veins.

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