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What Your Menstruation Tells About You

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Our period, we tend to have a love hate relationship with it. We hate when it arrives since it can make us a bit grumpy or give us severe pain at the same time we worry when we don’t get it every month. Well, it seems like menstruation can tell us more about our health than we thought. The next time you get your period try looking down and examining Aunt Flo up close and personal.

Menstruation seems to be a hard topic to talk about or is not as widely discussed. There seems to be a negative connotation to menstruation as something bad or gross. Even though this is one of the most normal thing in the world. We need our menstruation to remain healthy. Let us now take some time to find out more about this monthly visitor and what you can consider normal for your age and health.

Hormone Problems


Bloated and Painful Menstruation

About 40 to 90 percent of women suffer from a painful menstruation. Due to the percentage of people who go through this a lot of people actually believe that this is normal and unfortunately we pass this on through our younger generation. Though, what we all have to understand that this is not normal. There are people that also suffer from gassy-ness during their menstruation cycle. There are people that experience bloating too. This can be a huge warning sign that your hormone is not in check.

Constipation and Clotting

Some women experience constipation during their monthly cycle and some experience small dark clotting just before their actual period. This can appear normal since most women experience a little bit of clotting in their lifetime, though this is not a good sign when you experience it every month. Your menstruation shouldn’t affect your digestion.

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Fear and Anxiety

People have a misconception that the only feeling we get when we are in our period is constantly feeling irritated. However, a lot of women have increased fear and anxiety during or before their period. This is a big red flag when it comes to your hormones. Feeling depressed, easily irritated, filled with anxiety and increase fear can be telling you to get your hormones and chemical balance checked. When left alone this can often worsen and go on to be full blown anxiety or depression.

Uterine Pain

Have you experienced a bit of pain during your lower regions, but can’t really tell where it is coming from? Well, this maybe uterine pain, this is a type of contraction caused by the uterine when the tissues do not get enough blood flow. This can indicate problems with your uterine and blood.


The color of your period can tell you a lot about your current state. It may not be pleasing to look at, but looking at your period blood once in a while can be a great way to indicate health problems. Your period is not supposed to be the same color throughout your period since your hormone constantly changes, this then affects the consistency and color of the blood. Appearance of periods

Mashed Blueberry – Indicates high estrogen levels (Dark and somewhat frozen appearance of blood)

Cranberry Juice – known as the normal an desired color and texture (Fine and dark reddish color, no solid or clotting)

Strawberry Jam – Estrogen Levels are low (light pink with a bit of clotting)

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An average period should only release a cup or less blood. Some women can experience heavy bleeding, but women who go through this every month can lead to anemia or growths in the uterine wall. If you experience heavy bleeding, go to your doctor and consult with them the needed medication or activity to improve your cycle.

Your period can be the easiest way you can examine your body without a checkup. Your menstrual cycle can tell a lot about your health. Taking down your experience each month and seeing shifts can be a great indication that something is going on your body. A normal, healthy menstrual cycle is supposed to be mood swing free, pain free, bloating free, no mucous, bright red and has no clotting. Those your menstruation follows this category?

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