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Sweet Potatoes: Warm, Orange Clouds of Yummy Health

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Sweet potatoes are one of the most beloved vegetables in the world.  A popular root crop with natural sweetness and versatile richness minus the guilt, plus lots of fiber and clean energy.  Their health value is undeniable, they have a right to be in the superfood league.

It is the humble ingredients like cabbage, cucumber, radish, soybeans, cauliflower, oysters,  eggs, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, broccoli, leafy greens, avocados and fish that get overlooked often but pack a punch of nutrients.  Sweet potatoes have way more benefits than regular potatoes and potatoes in general are way healthier than bread.  Clean and easy to digest carbohydrates like red rice and sweet potatoes are better for our stomachs than glutinous breads especially for people whose systems are not well suited for heavier carbs.  They are also safe to feed your pet cat or dog, just put no or very little salt.

  So just how nutritious are these bright orange tubers?  Let’s break it down for every 100 grams of skinless boiled sweet potato.

Known for their vitamin A content, or when converted in organ systems become beta-carotene, your eye health’s best friend.  A boiled 100 gram serving  has around 90% to even 300% or more of the percent daily value of our vitamin A needs depending on the potato health and quality.  That is insane and can really help in preventing eye problems.

Around 25-30% DV of vitamin C which is also a whole lot, a fresh lemon, lime or calamansi drink with a sweet potato is all the vitamin C you need in a day already.

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They are also very high in B vitamins or B-complex.  Each B vitamin from thiamine or B1 to biotin or B7 has a DV of around 9- 18%.  B vitamins are responsible for hundreds and thousands of hormonal and metabolic function.  Our carbs, fats and proteins are converted to simple sugars used for energy and they make sure hormones are produced, synthesized and distributed properly.  They are responsible for DNA repair, mood stability and mental health.  A real immune and mood booster.

Manganese is also highly present with 25% DV, a mineral vital for skin health.  It protects the skin from UV rays and oxidation or oxygen-related damage.  It acts as a akin antioxidant, excess oxygen molecules scattered around the body is bad for you, oxidants.  This mineral also aids in collagen production.

Copper is at 18% DV and also plays a role in collagen production along with bone and blood vessel health and elasticity.  Copper also helps Iron be used and absorbed into the blood and low copper levels show risk of high blood pressure.

Sweet potatoes have 7-9% DV of Phosphorous, a precious mineral and component of RNA and DNA.  It supports bones, is key in both genetic and cellular processes.

Sweet potatoes have 13-15% of your precious fiber needs and some folate too for blood and vessels and choline which strengthens cellular walls.

Little good bits of Potassium, Calcium and Zinc can be found too.  All minerals help with cellular and organ function.  Less minerals in your diet will make you feel faint and weak.

They are pretty and versatile veggies that are fat free and ideal for after work outs.  They make a super easy to prepare and digest breakfast, mashed potatoes, potato breads and flatbreads, they can also be a sweet pie, I suggest honey or cane sugar not white sugar.

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Baking or boiling them simply with salt and pepper sprinkled after and a swig of olive, avocado or mustard oil for some healthy fat.  This is a good foundation for many meals, you can add yogurt and mustard greens or some sort of garlic and onion, tomato stir fry.

  Buy healthier carbs!  Get your brown, red, black or purple rice along with cassava, lentils, oats and purple and orange potatoes.

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