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What You Don’t Know About Body Hair and What It Tells About You

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We all take a special time to treat our hair. We go to the salon and get our hair colored or treated. We often get out eyebrows trimmed and shaped too. Though, most of our body hair is left untreated. We often remove our excess body hair through epilation or depilation and that’s that. However, there are so
many things that your body hair can tell you. There is a lot of
information you probably don’t know about your body hair. This article will help give you some information about these tiny little hairs growing all over our body.

Your Genetic Inheritance

Looking at your body hair can help you determine your genetic inheritance. The amount of body hair you have will be dictated by your genetics. The amount of body hair you have will depend on your ethnicity. The fine hair that covers most of our body is called the vellus hair, the hair that we find in our eyebrows and eyelashes are called terminal hair. Terminal hair is coarse and pigmented hair. These are often found in scalp, chin, pubic region and underarms. The terminal hair is the one that is able to
differentiate your ethnicity. There are different spectrums when it comes to ethnicities. With each ethnicities there are different amounts of terminal hair. Asians have the least amount of terminal hair, Hispanic and Middle Eastern ethnicities have the most. The res often fall in between. So, the normal amount of hair for you may be on a whole different scale for someone else.

You Could Have an Autoimmune Problem

This is a rare condition, but possible. Your immune system can affect your hair follicles. This will result in losing all your hair on your scalp also known as alopecia totalis, losing hair in small circular patches also known as alopecia areata or losing all of your hair; the eyebrows, eyelashes, head and body, this condition are also known as alopecia Universalis. These conditions are often caused by some form of autoimmune problem. This can be treated with the use of systemic steroids, the hair will be able to
grow back but the results aren’t always permanent.

Your Hormones Are Out Of Balance

The sudden increase in hair growth or hair loss in women is often the caused by an increase or decrease of the male hormones. This hormone is both present in men and women but in different amounts. If your body acquires an increase amount of testosterone, it can result in excess in different parts of the
body. The condition of unwanted male pattern hair development in women is called hirsutism. Male pattern hair growth is characterized by hair development in the upper chest,
lower back and belly button. More than 8 hairs in a woman’s areola in woman are not considered normal and can be a
symptom of hirsutism. Male pattern baldness can also occur in women. This is a sign of shifting male hormones. During menopause and pregnancy, estrogen levels can decline, causin
g testosterone to rise. This is why some women experience balding, thickening of facial hair and thinning of terminal hair. You
might even experience hair growth in your chin. This may seem awful, but it is a completely normal experience. Your hair will go back to normal after pregnancy of menopause.

Your Ovaries May Need Checking

If your experience hirsutism from your irregular periods, then this may be a systemic problem. This is often caused by polycystic ovary syndrome. This is when the enlarged ovaries contain fluid (follicles). The second cause of irregular periods and hirsutism can be obesity, which can also be related to polycystic ovary syndrome.

You Might Have a Tumor

If your hirsutism comes suddenly and you get your testosterone levels checked (high). This may signify that you have a tumor. This tumor may be releasing male hormones to your body affecting your hormone levels. This will cause your hair to grow fast. The tumor can be present in your ovary or adrenal
What do you think about your body hair now? There are a lot things you can do to take care of your body hair or remove them if you wish. Moisturize your skin and exfoliate to prevent buildup of dead skin cells. Ingrown hair can be removed through proper skin care. Do you know other facts and tips about body
hair? Share it with us.
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