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5 Amazing Foods for Detox after the Holidays

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The holidays certainly gave us a lot of tasty meals to fill our bellies but most of the foods that we have eaten tend to be on the fat and greasy side with desserts sweet enough to last us a lifetime. Although many of us see the holidays as a chance to indulge, we tend to overdo it at times. With that being said, going on a detox after all the partying seems to be a good idea so if you are thinking of easing up on the fats, salt, and all the sweets, here are 5 foods that will help eliminate those excess fats to put you in the right track of losing the pounds you’ve gained.

5 Amazing Foods for Detox after the Holidays

Water. When it comes to detoxifying your body, you shouldn’t forget water. Water is known to flush out all the toxins in our body through urine and sweat plus it can fill our bellies up so we won’t be eating too much during meals. Increasing your intake of water to 8 or 10 glasses of water per day will be beneficial to you.

5 Amazing Foods for Detox after the Holidays

Lemon. Aside from water, lemons are also a good choice for detox because you can add them to your water, your food, or even your tea for that matter. What’s great about lemons is that they are high in fiber and vitamin C content which you actually need to speed up your metabolism as well as combat any free radicals that might be lingering in your body after all the food you’ve eaten over the holidays.

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5 Amazing Foods for Detox after the Holidays

Artichoke. This vegetable is not only quite versatile but it is also delicious. Aside from these, artichokes are perfect for detoxifying your body as they help your liver work more efficiently. When your liver is functioning better, there will be more bile produced which aids in digestion. This also increases nutrient absorption which is a huge advantage when you’re trying to detox. The fiber present in artichokes can also help your colon work better too. Go for the steamed or grilled artichokes rather than the fried ones.

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5 Amazing Foods for Detox after the Holidays

Green tea. If you’re not a fan of drinking tea, it is still worth considering especially when you’re trying to cleanse your body of all the salt, fat, and sugar you’ve eaten over the holidays. Drinking green tea can deliver antioxidants into your body which can fight free radicals that are causing fat to cling to your body. The fiber in the tea can also help fill up your belly so you won’t eat too much during your next meal.

5 Amazing Foods for Detox after the Holidays

Seaweed. Seaweed is definitely in when it comes to detoxifying after the holidays. But instead of going for sushi and fried seaweed, go for kelp instead. You can add them in salads, or sprinkle them in salads and soups to get the nutrients that they contain.


These are just some examples of foods that can help you with cleansing your body after some serious food binge over the holidays.


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