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Easy Beauty Essentials for New Mothers

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New mothers often feel less glamorous with their new role as they have to juggle caring for their newborn, running the household, and making sure that the rest of the family are doing what needs to be done. In between all these, mothers have to care for themselves too. But having to wear makeup all the time can be tiresome, plus, it’s hard to get more than five minutes of your time to yourself. How then will you be able to look great in just a short time?

Dry shampoo

You probably have noticed that having a newborn means that there will be less time for yourself. Caring for your newborn is a commitment and sneaking in the bathroom for a quick shower has become challenging on its own too. Of course, you can’t go on without taking a bath but for days when you need to run errands and you haven’t taken bath yet, then dry shampoo is going to be useful product to have on hand. Spray this on your hair a few minutes before you step outside your home can help remove the grease that is weighing your hair down. As a matter of fact, your hair will look like it has been washed.

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It pays to have a product that can do two things at once. This helps lessen the time you spend putting on your makeup. Well, you can’t always leave your home wearing foundation especially when you have a little one to take care of but this doesn’t mean that you should leave your skin looking the worse for wear. With that being said, getting your hands on a moisturizer that can be used as a primer can actually help make your skin look cleaner too.

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Eye cream

New moms will be nursing plenty of dark circles and puffiness under their eyes during the first few months so make sure that part of your beauty arsenal is eye cream. What’s great about eye creams is that they can help reduce the appearance of tiredness in your eyes which can actually make you feel better about yourself too. Although they can be a bit expensive, investing on them is well worth it since you only need a small amount every time you use it.

Lip balms

Since you can’t really wear lipstick during the early months of your baby because you are sure to leave a mark on their skin every time you want to kiss them, substituting it with lip balm is not only good for your baby but for your lips too. Make sure that you opt for lip balms that contain natural ingredients to help keep your lips soft, smooth, and well hydrated. It would be a good idea to have some on your purse so you can apply some on your lips when they are feeling dry.

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For tired looking moms, the appearance of skin issues such as dark spots, dark circles, zits, and the like are sure to occur. Fortunately, a good concealer can help hide these embarrassing blemishes whenever you step outside your home. Just make sure that you look for those that have full coverage so that a little will go a long way.

Micellar water

Baby wipes are not really good for your skin especially when it comes to removing the makeup on your face. Not only can they dry your skin, but they can also speed up the aging process because of the alcohol content. A better option would be to use micellar water which is a much effective makeup remover.

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