Have you ever heard of witch hazel? If you haven’t yet, this is a chance to get firs dibs on the next best thing in skincare. It also has different health benefits.

Witch hazel is a shrub that is commonly found in North America. It comes from the bark and leaves of Hamamelis Virginiana. Its healing powers have long been discovered by the Native Americans. They boiled witch hazel to treat skin problems and irritations. It’s also been said that it had been used to cure tumors.

Presently, witch hazel is gaining its popularity, not only in America but around the world, as a natural astringent. It’s been used as a natural cleanser and toner to purify skin and narrow the pores. Aside from its amazing effects on the skin, as originally a herbal medicine, witch hazel has many different uses in the home and to improve your health.

Here are some beauty, health, and home benefits of the witch hazel:

1.Fight Acne

Witch hazel is most popular as a natural astringent due to high contents of tannins. As a natural astringent, it removes excess oil and closes pores, preventing the build up of blackheads. This is why it is commonly used as facial toner totreator even prevent acne. It also has the ability to remove excess dirt, so if you are constantly on the road and on the run, might as well jump to using witch hazel. With continued use, you can observe a significant improvement in your skin.

2.Fade Bruises and Clear

Blemishes Sometimes, it seems like we are easily bruised, literally, without even remembering how or why. You can put witch hazel for faster healing and to stop it from getting worse  as well as fade discoloration, which can be quite scary with bruises. Aside from bruises, it also helps clear blemishes. Prevention is definitely better than cure, but if this is your first time hearing about witch hazel, and your skin has already suffered from acne and other blemishes, it’s not late yet. Simply use a cotton ball orcosmetic pad to apply witch hazel to the affected area.

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3.Get Rid of Dark Circles Around Eyes

Witch hazel does not only help reduce inflammation. It can also help tighten skin, which makes this a perfect product to use to brighten under and around your eyes.This discoloration can be really stubborn that even an 8-hour sleep isn’t making it any better. Why not try this miracle product? Just be careful to not dab this natural astringent directly to your eyes to avoid pain and dryness.

4.Treat Sunburn

After a crazy sun exposure, you can use witch hazel to ease you of any discomfort from a sunburn. You will only need an Aloe Veragelto mix with it and lather on the affected areas. The combination of the two will help reduce inflammation as well as cool down the burn. It’s also said to prevent your skin from peeling to avoid further irritation.

5. Hair-Removal After Care

Witch hazel must be included in your post hair-removal kit. It will help reduce inflammation after you get a hot wax. This does not only work for women. For men, who usually optto shave DIY-style, witch hazel will help prevent bleeding from a cut or nick or dueto damaged hair follicles. It can also mend a razor burn, which happens almost all the time.

6.Stop Bleeding Witch hazel does not only prevent bleeding ofpost-shave cuts.

It can be useful tos top any typeof bleeding asit has the properties to naturally tighten skin. Choose organic wi tch hazel forfaster healing. Those that you can found in supermarket orpharmacy can also be used as a disinfectant for cleaning your wounds due to its isopropyl alcohol content. 7. Shrink Swollen Veins If your varicose veins start swelling, hold up the affected area as high as you cantoreduce pressure of blood in the swollen veins, then soak a soft terry cloth in this product and lightly rest iton them. While itwon’t guarantee a cure, it will help lessen its swelling temporarily.8.Treat Hemorrhoid Most store-bought hemorrhoid creams actually contain witch hazel. It can help reduce pain, itching, swelling, and bleeding. If you’re not sure whether your home cream has this ingredient, you can make your own by mixing it with Aloe Veragelor the like and apply iton the affected area for a quick relief. 9. Sooth Diaper Rash Another reason to have witch hazel in your homeisit’s a safe treatment for diaper rash. It’s already been established that it helps reduce inflammation. Fordamagedskin, causing a great discomfort to your babies, you can also apply itastreatment.10.Treat Infected Gums Witch hazel is also used as a mouth rinse, although you should be careful not to put isopropyl alcohol in it. It will help stop swelling of your damaged gums and relieve you of pain. You can also gargle itto stop minor bleeding. For infants, teething can be irritable and painful. Witch hazel can also be used to reduce pain; simply try a
teaspoon of witch hazel tea and myrrh oil, which is absolutely safe. This concoction also effectively soothes pain from wisdom teethorpost oral surgery. 11. Cure Sore Throat Witch hazel with no isopropyl alcohol content can be ingested to relieve you of pain from laryngitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, and other throat problems. A herbal witch hazel tea can help ease a sore throat by minimizing swelling and drying up mucus. 12.Treat Swimmer’s EarOtitus externa or what we call a “Swimmer’s Ear” happens due toan infected earcanal. Witch hazel is used to dry pus, remove excess oil, and un-clump earwasthat maybe clogging the canal. Just use aneye dropper to put several drops into bothof your ears. Afterwards, gently clean your ears with cotton or cosmetic pad.It’s also bestto use a natural anti-microbial after like basil and teatree oil or apple cider vinegar. 13. Fight Contact Dermatitis Contact dermatitis make your skin red and irritated due to foreign substances, excess exposure towateror perhaps an exposure to skin-irritating plants like poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac This causes drying and itching, but you can use witch hazel to counter your skin’s reactions. 14. Remedy Bug Bites and Stings As witch hazel has anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties used to treat contact dermatitis, it can also cure bug bites and stings. This is why the witch hazel is not only a must-have in your beauty and medicinal kit at home. You can also put a small bottle in your purse the next time you spend the day outdoors.