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Everything You Need to Know About Sole?

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Sole is basically water that has been saturated with natural salt and not the usual small amount of salt that we put in warm water for gargling, but water that has absorbed as much of the salt that it possibly can. Most of us have been told that salt is not good for our health, which means that drinking water saturated with salt may seem to be counter intuitive. However, it appears that Sole does have several benefits to it such as:


The minerals that are infused in the water can be useful when it comes to supporting the natural detoxification that our body does. This saltwater contains antibacterial properties that can get rid of any bad bacteria that may be lingering in our system.

Alleviates muscle cramps

Leg cramps can be painful especially when your leg muscles are tired due to exercise or you’ve been standing for hours. Most of us associate the cramps with lack of potassium  but it seems that the combination of magnesium as well as Sole water can help reduce the onset of cramps.

Weight loss

Sole can also support weight loss by boosting your digestion so that the nutrients will be delivered properly throughout your body. This way, it prevents fats from accumulating in your body which can aid you in your weight loss goals.

Natural anti-histamine

Sole has been found to work as a natural anti-histamine which may be due to the balancing properties of the saltwater in the body.

Good for skin, nails, and hair

Another possible benefit of Sole is that it can be good for your hair, skin, and nails too because of its high mineral content. If you are troubled by acne breakouts, hair loss, or brittle nails, Sole seems to help out.

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How to Make Sole Water

Curious as to how you can make sole water? You should get a glass jar and fill a quarter of it with Himalayan Salt. Top it off with water, close it tightly, then shake thoroughly. Allow it to sit for about 12 to 24 hours. You can add small amounts of salt to the jar if all the salt has dissolved after you let it sit for a day. Once you see the salt no longer gets dissolved, it means that the water is already saturated with it.

To use Sole water, you should add a teaspoon of it to a cup of water. Take note that there is no specific dosage for this drink since there is not enough research for it. There is nothing wrong with taking Sole water since it is not dangerous, but if you are already eating a lot of salt, or following a sodium-restricted diet, this drink may not be recommended for you.

When making your Sole water, see to it that the water is at room temperature only to help it last longer. You can add more salt or water as needed.

This solution can be taken first thing in the morning before you drink or eat anything. If this is your first time to try Sole, make sure that you stick with just a teaspoon of it first. In the event that you experience headache, or you start to detox, start slowly with your dosage.


Although sole water does seem to have numerous benefits, there is not enough research to support the effects of this drink. It may seem that Himalayan salt is good for our health compared to regular table salt, it would be better to take this drink with some caution especially when you are trying to reduce your sodium intake.

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