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Foods for Fatty Liver Diet

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Fatty liver can be divided into two groups, the alcohol-induced type and the non-alcoholic type of fatty liver. As the name suggests, alcohol-induced fatty liver appears in those who are consuming way too much alcoholic beverage. As a matter of fact, this is one of the major causes for liver failure to occur. With regards to non-alcoholic fatty liver, this normally appears in those who are living a sedentary lifestyle or are overweight. The good news is that, regardless of the type of fatty liver that you have, you can still correct it with the right diet. As a matter of fact, here are some foods that you can incorporate into your diet, to help correct your fatty liver.


If you are not a fan of eating greens, you might want to reconsider because they are actually good for your health and your fatty liver. Broccoli is one option as it has been found to prevent and reduce buildup of fats in the liver. Kale and Brussels sprouts, on the other hand, can aid you in your weight loss. There are other greens that you can incorporate into your diet to help make your liver healthy once more.

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Another food group that you should add to your diet is protein. This is actually vital to your health as it helps with growth and repair of your cells. You will need to keep in mind, however, that not all proteins are made the same. Go for natural sources such as seafood, legumes, poultry, eggs, and red meat too.

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Oatmeal is actually a good source of complex carbohydrates that are good for your body. It is naturally filling because of the fiber that it contains, plus it helps flush out the excess toxins and fats that are clogging your liver up. This is a great addition to your diet as it helps keep you satiated which can be useful if you are trying to lose weight.

Cooked vegetables

If you’ve been having raw vegetables during meal times, you might want to add cooked ones too. In a fatty liver diet, there are certain types of food that you will have to avoid such as cookies, breads, and dessert treats just to name a few. This means that there won’t be enough carbs in your system. With that being said, you can supplement the missing carbs with cooked vegetables with the exception of potatoes.


What else should you add in your fatty liver diet? Well, avocados are often recommended for those who are trying to reduce the fat building up in their liver because this fruit is actually rich in monounsaturated fats or good fats. It appears that these healthy fats are actually preventing liver damage in the first place. Another reason why adding avocado to your diet is actually good for you is because it is high in fiber content. This way, it is easier for you to manage your weight. You can add it in salads, make a smoothie out of it, or eat it as is.

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Olive oil

Another food that you can add to your fatty liver diet is olive oil. What’s great about olive oil is that you can drizzle it on your vegetables, use it to cook, and whatnot without worrying about it being bad for your health. You see, olive oil actually has good fats in it that can actually protect your liver from all sorts of damage. It’s no wonder it is a staple in the Mediterranean because they know of its amazing health benefits.

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