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Home Remedies for Sand Fly Bites

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Just because you have forgotten to bring with you a repellent and now you got lots of sand fly bites doesn’t mean that you should pack up and head home.

There are various home remedies for sand fly bites that you may count on even while you’re far away from home.

Sand fly bites are known to itch a lot and make anyone come running for a remedy, and that’s why without any more delay here are some of the things that you may do to attain relief pronto:


One of the steps that you should take the moment that you are bitten by sand flies is to wash the area with water in order to eliminate toxins.

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Well, there is a way to flush away toxins and at the same time relieve itchiness quickly, and that’s by rubbing an ice cube on those problem spots.


Are you a breath-conscious individual? Then it’s very much likely that there is a small bottle of mouthwash stashed at all times somewhere in your bag.

Reach for it, uncap and dab a little of the minty content to every single sand fly bite you have. This helps reduce the symptoms and minimize infection risk.


Rubbing alcohol’s cooling effect can help alleviate itchiness instantly, and its antimicrobial property can help fend off an infection.

Worry not if there’s no rubbing alcohol within your easy reach as just about any alcoholic beverage makes for an excellent home remedy for sand fly bites.


Add a few drops of water to a little fine grain salt and mix. The resulting paste makes for a sand fly bite solution that’s tried and tested effective.

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Simply apply the paste on bite marks and allow it to dry. Salt has superb antimicrobial and analgesic properties that never fail to impress each time.


Got bitten by sand flies at the beach? Then there’s no need to waste some precious time and energy to whipping up paste out of salt and water.

All you have to do is immediately head to the water and take a swim for a few minutes. Once you’re through swimming, you’re as good as new.


Believe it or not, your trusted deodorant can save you not only from having smelly underarms, but also suffering from itchy sand fly bites.

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Without delay, reach for your deodorant and then apply a little on every single sand fly bite and be ready to say goodbye to the redness and itchiness.


Speaking of something smelly, there is a common cooking ingredient that you may count on each time you find yourself with sand fly bites: vinegar.

Daubing a little vinegar to the marks allows you to enjoy much-deserved relief because it can neutralize toxins, prevent bacterial infection and ease itching.

Tea Tree Oil

Especially if you are into all-natural remedies for all kinds of everyday problems, then you should never be without a small bottle of tea tree oil.

After diluting with equal amounts of water, apply a little tea tree oil on every single sand fly bite to put an end to the symptoms and also fend off complications.


There’s another essential oil that you may count on each time that you are being bugged by sand fly bites or any other type of bug bite, and that’s lavender.

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A small amount lavender essential oil is more than enough to put the problem to an end. And by the way, it can also help prevent further sand fly bites.

Before you go, don’t forget to share this article on your various social media sites so that everyone you care about would know what to do if they, too, have forgotten to pack and apply a repellent.

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