A Quick Guide to Facial Oils


It’s highly likely that you are already familiar with the numerous benefits that you can get from using facial oils, from being able to reduce those fine lines and wrinkles, to giving your skin that natural glow. However, knowing the benefits is not enough to find the right oil to use, especially now when there are plenty of options to choose from, with some being more exotic sounding than the next.

Here’s a quick primer to using facial oils. The oils that we use, whether on our food or on our skin, come with fatty acids and two of them, which we all know, are linoleic as well as oleic acid. Facial oils that are high in linoleic acid are recommended for those who acne prone or oily skin. In the case of oleic acid, due to its being richer in texture, it’s better to be used on dry or even mature skin.

Facial Oils to Consider

If this is your first time to use facial oils, you might want to learn more about what is available in the market. Here are a few that has gained popularity over the years and their uses.

Argan oil

Given the MVP status in the world of beauty, argan oil has much to offer its users, from containing high amounts of antioxidants that revives dry and flaky skin, to being an anti-inflammatory which can reduce the redness and irritation on your skin due to acne breakouts.

Black cumin seed oil

Another option that you can use for your skin is the black cumin seed oil which can be referred to as nigella sativa or black seed oil. It’s an amber-colored oil that is typically used in numerous skincare products because it is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, as well as antibacterial properties that can heal wounds and soothe the skin. It comes with plenty of vitamins, linoleic acid as well as minerals which can alleviate the redness and distress in the skin.

Coconut oil

Dubbed as the darling of oils throughout the world, coconut oil has given consumers the perfect solution for dry skin and hair. This oil not only has this delicious scent, but it also good for fighting off bacterial infections. When used on dry and flaking skin, you will find that this oil can give your skin that deep hydration that cannot be found in other products. If you are going to use for your hair, you will find that your mane will not only appear glossy, but it will tangle less too. If you are acne prone, make sure that you use less of this oil as it is a comedogenic type of oil.

Jojoba oil

This oil is basically a plant wax that is almost similar to that of the sebum that we produce. When used as a face oil, jojoba oil is immediately absorbed by the skin which helps regulate oil production while removing any clogged pores. If you have oily skin, this facial oil is a good option to try as well.

Marula oil

If your lackluster or dull looking skin is robbing you of your confidence, look for marula oil as it comes with anti-aging properties. This oil is extracted from the fruit of the marula tree in Africa and is good for restoring elasticity and radiance while healing damaged skin as well. This oil is packed with oleic acid as well vitamin C which means that you will be protected from the effects of free radicals.

As you can see, it is possible to nourish and nurture your skin with the help of these facial oils which are all safe to use.

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