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Proven Nail Care Tips

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Nails! We all have them and we all need them. We use our nails to open cans, scratch surface and peel fruits. The nails consist of the same protein we have on our hair. It is made of keratin, a protein that is present in the hair. Our nail consists of six parts. The nail fold the skin around the nail. The nail plate the fingernail. The nail bed the skip underneath the nail plate. Lunula is the half-moon shaped area of the nail. The nail matrix is the base of the nail, it’s below the cuticle. This is the fold of the skin that is prone to bacteria and dead cells. The matrix is the one that controls the production of cells for nail growth.

We tend to overlook our nails and incline to only get the nail plate and nail fold cleaned when we get a pedicure or manicure. The nails are prone to being brittle or have bruises. It can also develop infections and deficiencies. Keep your finger and toenails healthy with these home remedies. These nail care tips will address help with your overall nail health and improve some nail disorders.

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Analyze Your Nails

Check your nails at least once a month for any signs problems. Remove your nail polish and take some time to see our nails. Nail problems are usually caused by external factors such as aggressive nail polish, nail biting, harmful chemicals or abrasions. It can also be caused by using the fingertips often and with pressure, such as texting or typing. When you manage to find out what your common nail problems are you’ll be able to find a more effective solution.

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You can also use your nails to help determine health risk. Yellow nails with a slight pink base can be a sign of diabetes. Pale nail can be a sign of anemia. Yellow and thick nails can be a sign of lung problems. Pale and white nails can be a sign of liver problems. Half white and half pink nails can be a sign of kidney conditions.


We tend to over like our toenails, since it is less exposed to chemicals than the hands. When you tend to apply nail care products such as a cuticle softener or moisturizer, don’t forget to apply it on the toenails too. The nails on the toes are more prone to nail disorders and health problems. It is exposed to harmful bacteria and is usually enclosed in a humid space. Shoes are the ideal place for fungus growth. When getting a pedicure, bring your own cleaning instruments. Though most professional nail spas and salon clean their instruments its best to be sure. Prevent getting ingrown toenails by cutting nails in an oval shaped instead of straight. Ingrown can be very painful and can cause infections.

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Nails contain the same protein that is in the hair. Eating foods that can help improve hair health will surely increase nail health. Add foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Nails Extensions

Occasionally using nail extension are bad for the nail. Extensions can make your fingernails prone to infection and bacteria. The harmful chemicals in the extension can cause the nails to dry out and become brittle. This can cause your permanent damage to your nails. If you really want to use extensions use tips extensions only, this won’t damage the nails as much as a full nail extension.

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Nail Protection

Before applying nail polish always apply a layer of nail protection. You can buy nail polish that can help protect the nails from the harmful chemicals in nail polish. It will also prevent the nail polish from peeling off.

Keep Your Nails Hydrate

When your nails start to peel, break or split, it’s time to moisturize them. Your nails will be brittle when it lacks moisture. The nails tend to be soft and fragile, get your nails back to tip top shape by applying moisturizer daily. Keep lotions handy and avoid using harmful chemicals. Massage the moisturizer on the cuticle in a circular motion. This will prevent dry skin on finger tips. You can also use a finger nail soak to hydrate the nails. Pick an essential oil such as coconut or almond oil. Drop in a few in a bowl water and soak the nails for about 10 minutes. Don’t over soak it, this will make the nails moist and prone to infection.

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Well maintained nails are essential to creating a professional and neat appearance. We tend to expose our hands to different bacteria and activities. Use these treatments to improve nail care habits. Keep your nails, elegant, well-groomed and healthy.

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