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How to Get Lovely Smooth Hands

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Our hands are often exposed to chemicals, harsh temperatures and bacteria. This can cause the skin in the hands to go dry, have calluses or be rough. Our hands can show a lot about our health, the skin on the hands tend to be more sensitive than other areas. Sun exposure to the hands can age it by years. You will find people that have beautiful and smooth faces, but have dry and wrinkly hands. This is probably because of poor skin care routine for the hand.

You can perform rejuvenating treatment of the skin and hide blemishes on the face, but the hands are a bit different. The hands should feel smooth, moisturized and soft. We can achieve this by taking your hand care treatments. Here are some easy tips and remedies to get lovely smooth hands. Try out different remedies for different problems on the hands.

Exfoliate the Skin

-Like most parts of your body, the hands are also prone to dead skin cells, dry skin and discoloration. It’s important to exfoliate them regularly. Exfoliating will keep the hands smooth and prevent unwanted dry patches in the hands. You can get this dry patches from applying too much pressure on the skin surface such as writing with a pen regularly or typing.

-You can create your own exfoliating scrub with sugar and coconuts or olive oil. Combine equal parts sugar and oil and mix until it turns to paste. Take this mixture and massage on the skin for two to 4 minutes. Rinse with warm water, you’ll instantly feel a difference in your hands.

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-You can also purchase exfoliating scrubs in local beauty supply stores. This exfoliating scrubs usually contain pearl like fibers and moisturizing lotion. You can use these exfoliating lotions every day.

Keep Your Hands Moisturized

-Always keep a lotion handy, moisturize your hands as much as you can. Lotions are the best and most effective way of keeping your hands silky smooth. There are different variety of lotions to cater to your needs. There are scented lotions, SPF 30 lotions, anti-aging lotion and more. Look for lotions that contain retinol, Shea butter and B vitamins. These ingredients will make your skin smooth and silky for a long time. It helps retain the moisture on the skin with less application.

-Lanolin and mineral oils can help retain the water in the skin. Using them will seal in moisture in the skin and help keep them moisturized through the day. Urea and lactic acid in lotion can also instantly soothe tired and dry hands. Dimethicone and Glycerin in lotions will moisturize the skin.

-Apply lotions on your hands after washing them, especially after washing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom. Chemicals used for cleaning are often harmful for the skin and can cause dryness. Keep a small lotion bottle all over the house to help you get the habit of applying them more often.

-Natural oils, you can use natural oils to moisturize the skin. Use natural oils as you normally would. Take a small amount and rub on the hands and wrist regularly. Perform this like you would with a lotion. Natural oils are the cheaper investment, since it requires less products to cover the whole hand area. You can use avocado, almond, coconut, almond and olive oil on the hands. Most of these oils are used in cooking or added into food, making them more accessible. These natural oils are filled with nutrients that keeps the skin, hair and nail healthy.

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Keep Them Protected

-When cold temperature strikes keep your hands conditioned. When there is a sudden temperature change in the skin, it often goes haywire, it stops the production of moisture and become dry and flaky. Prevent this by performing a deep conditioning treatment on the hands.

-When the temperature becomes too hot, keep your hands moisturized by applying more lotion on the skin and doing it more frequently.

-When going out to apply a good amount of sunblock on the skin. The hands are prone to sun damage, when left untreated the hands can have wrinkles and discoloration.

-Avoid using harsh soaps on the skin. If you are using an anti-bacterial soap at home, always moisturize them after washing.

Keep using this skin softening treatments on a regular basis. Stopping will only bring back your hands to its original state. Before trying out any of these remedies think about skin condition and allergies. Apply a small amount of lotion or DIY remedies on a small part of your hand before applying all over. Stop using a product when you experience itchiness, redness and irritation on the skin. Keep up with these tips and remedies and you’ll get smooth and lovely hands in no time.

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