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Get Back to Working out After a Long Break

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So, you got injured, got sick, got too busy at work or went on vacation. Now, you’ve got to a point where you’ve skipped too much exercise time that you can’t go back to your regular routine. Whatever your reason for skipping on your exercise routine is, it will be difficult to get back on track without any game plan. One of the things that happens when you take a long break from working out is you lose your motivation to get fit.

You want to keep up with a good exercise routine. You’ve signed up for a new spinning class or took up a gym membership. The only thing missing now is motivation and getting back into the habits of working out. Get your working out groove back with these tips on getting back on the working out bandwagon.

Revamp Your Workout Program

After being on a long break your body isn’t at the same fitness level, it was when you were working out. You won’t be able to finish your routine with the same ease as you did before and this may dishearten you from working out. Change up your workout program to your current fitness level. Choose one that can challenge you, but won’t cause your body too much pain.

Another reason why you need to change your workout routine is that it’s starting to become repetitive and boring. This can cause you to stop working out. Prevent this by changing your workout, add in some cardio exercises, go to fitness classes or add more weights to your routine. Mixing it up will keep you more interested in working out.

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A Reward for Each Goal

Some people will say that the reward for working out is a better body or fitness, but really though a real reward makes a whole lot of difference. It can help motivate you and strive to achieve each goal. Rewards are a great way to associate working out with a positive approach. Instead of the mindset of “I don’t want to work out, my body will hurt” it will go towards “I need to work out, if I lose one more pound I’ll buy myself that new pants”. This will also create a habit over time. Set some workout goals for yourself and create a goal for each one of them. For example “If I manage to work out for 3 days straight, I’ll get myself a new short” or “If I lose more than 10 pounds this month, I’ll buy myself concert tickets”. In the long run, your body will be able to associate this positive reward, your mind will go by instinct to positive workout mode without the rewards.

Time and Location

Did you stop working out because of the people at your gym or your workout schedule not fitting in your daily routine? It’s time to re-evaluate your workout situation. Pick a gym that is closer to your home or create a small space in your house to work out. Having a specific place for working out and leaving all your workout gear in plain sight will motivate you to work out more. List down your daily schedule and fit in the best time for you to work out. It doesn’t matter if it’s at night, in the afternoon or early in the morning. Pick a time that you feel most motivated. You know that feeling you get at 2 in the morning, where you feel like you can run a marathon. Use that motivation and workout, create a schedule and stick with it. Doing this you are creating a no excuse workout regimen.

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Find Inspiration

Not working out for a long time can cause you to feel down in the dumps and unmotivated. Get yourself back into working out mode by finding inspiration. Go online and find inspirational stories and learn from them. Finding a workout inspiration can amplify your desire to work out. It doesn’t have to be an inspirational story, it can be a picture of your favorite celebrity body or an outfit you want to have in a smaller size. Another way to find inspiration is to have a working out buddy. Having someone there that can keep you motivated will help immensely. Seeing changes in each other’s body can help inspire you to work better.

Follow these tips and sooner or later you’ll be able to follow a steady workout routine. You’ll be able to go a week without skipping working out. Exercise can give a lot for the body, it can boost your mood, improve muscle tone, burn calories, improve heart rate, make you more limber and generally make you healthier. Getting back to working out after a long break can be difficult, but it is worth it when you get to exercise on a regular basis.

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