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Find Out How Aging Affects Your Face

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When we age, the first thing that is most noticeable is the face. Most prominently it is the wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines in the face that gets noticed. Let’s find out where the changes in the face are most visible and how aging affects the face.


When you age, you may notice that you ears may get a bit longer. This is because the cartilage in them grows.


Due to loss of elasticity and collagen, skin volume is reduced. Ligaments around the chin area and mouth can come loose causing the skin to sag.


The tips of your nose may droop. This is because of the weakening of the connective tissue that supports the nasal cartilage.

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When you age, the eyebrows and even the lashes became few or patchy. This may be due to excessive tweezing and plucking that causes damage in the eyebrow follicles and it can even be due to hormonal changes.


Most popularly known as wrinkles, these lines on your forehead are the result of raising your eyebrows habitually. While you frown and squint, you develop lines between your eyebrows. Horizontal lines in the forehead and frown lines are just some of the manifestation of aging in the face. Also you forehead expand as your hairlines retreat.


The stretching of facial ligaments, decline in elastin or collagen and sun damage causes a sagging jawline. The y-contour or the lower part of the face is most prone to sagging.


The neck area is considered to be the area more prone to sagging and wrinkles. This is because the muscles in this area sagged as they are being pulled and they contain no fatty tissues.

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