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5 Things that Happen when You Don’t Moisturize Your Face

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Everyone knows how important moisturizing is when it comes to skin care because it helps keep our skin soft, smooth, and supple. Without it, our skin becomes dry and prone to skin irritations and breakouts which can affect our self-confidence. But aside from having dry skin, there are other effects that are linked to lack of moisture that you should know about.

Dull looking skin. Since your skin doesn’t have enough moisture in it, chances are that it will look dull especially when you’re outside and in the cold. There will be times that your skin will become flaky because of the dryness. By making sure that your skin is properly hydrated and moisturized, you will be able to prevent redness, irritation, and flaking.

You’ll lose protection. Some skin care products can actually dry the skin especially when they contain salycilic acid, retinoids, and benzoyl peroxide which is why it is important that you moisturize afterwards. Most people tend to avoid using their skin care products because they experience redness or itching when used which can further damage their skin. The next time you use astringents or cleansers on your skin, don’t forget to apply moisturizer afterwards.

Itching will occur. Have you ever felt your skin feel tight right after you have taken a shower? Imagine that you’re feeling that sensation throughout the day. That itchy feeling won’t just go away unless of course you learn the art of moisturizing your skin after you take a bath or shower. This way, you won’t have to worry about scratching yourself from time to time.

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Your makeup won’t look flawless. Another possible effect of not applying moisturizer on your skin is that your makeup won’t look as good as you want it to be. Those creases that you are seeing around your eyes? Your makeup can stick to those areas not unless you moisturize your skin before applying makeup. After you apply your moisturizer, give your skin time to absorb it first. Wait for five minutes before applying foundation and the rest of your makeup for a more flawless and even look. You’ll be glad that you used a moisturizer first especially when you see the results.

More wrinkles will appear. Wrinkles can appear as you age because your collagen production is reduced. But there are other factors that can make wrinkles appear earlier such as forgetting to apply moisturizer on a regular basis. You see, your skin needs to remain hydrated and moisturized in order for it to retain its soft and springy consistency. When your skin becomes dry, fine lines and wrinkles will start to appear which can make you look older than your real age.

It cannot be stressed enough how necessary it is to keep your skin moisturized. It’s not just about preventing dryness but it is also about keeping skin breakouts at bay including rapid aging. So the next time you take a bath, make sure that you have a bottle of moisturizer close by so you can apply some on your skin immediately.

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