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10 Minute Workout to Beat Belly Fat

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Belly fat is one of the hardest to get rid of as proven by countless individuals who tried losing it with thousands of sit-ups and crunches all to no avail. Add to this the fact that their busy schedule doesn’t give them enough room to really focus on their midsection it’s not really surprising why a lot of people are looking for exercises that can give them the best results.

The good news is that fitness experts have come up with a solution for everyone’s belly fat woes and the best part is that you can actually tone and train your midsection in just 10 minutes. For this program to work, you will need to do each workout for 60 seconds with a 10 seconds rest in between. Keep your belly engaged throughout the workout and add weights if you are looking for an added challenge.

Reverse Crunch. Lie down on the floor on your back and put your hands on your sides. Bring your knees toward your chest. Raise your hips off the floor while crunching your knees to your chest. Your toes should be reaching toward the ceiling. Go back to your first position and repeat as many times as you can within 60 seconds.

V Sit-up. Lie on your back with your hands on your side and palms flat on the floor. Raise your left leg while keeping it straight. Engage your core muscles to lift your upper body off the floor to reach your right hand on the outer portion of your left leg. Go back to your first position and repeat with the other leg. Do as many reps as you can within one minute then rest for 10 seconds.

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Slow Bicycle. Again, lie face up on the floor with your knees as well as hips bent at 90 degrees. Bring hands behind your head and raise your shoulders off the floor. Extend your right leg while bringing your chest close to your left knee. Go back to your first position and repeat with the other side. Continue alternating for a full minute then rest.

Plank with Knee to Elbow. Another exercise to include in your 10-minute belly blaster workout is the plank with knee to elbow. As the name suggests, you need to go into a plank position first with your wrists under your shoulders and legs straight out behind you. Engage your core muscles as you raise your right knee towards your left elbow. Go back to your first position and do the same with the other leg. Do as many reps as possible within 60 seconds without forgetting your form.

You can add more belly exercises in this program if you like or you can repeat each one until you finish the entire 10 minutes. Keep in mind to rest in between each workout to give yourself time to catch your breath. Don’t forget that proper form must be practiced at all times and that your abdominal muscles are constantly engaged throughout the exercises.

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