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Fruits & Vegetables to Avoid for Weight Loss

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If you are dieting, chances are you rely mostly on fruits and vegetables to achieve your ideal weight. We all know the nutritional and health value of fruit and vegetables, but you might have to limit the consumption of some of them so you can see maximum weight loss result.

Mashed sweet potatoes

Who doesn’t love mashed potatoes? They are so delicious but they’re not low in calories. One cup of mashed potato contains 249 calories, regular potatoes 212 and 1 cup of lima beans 202 calories. This is because of the starch present in them.

But a cup of green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale and lettuce contains less than 20 calories. So eat those instead and load up on the healthy salads.

Vegetable juice blends

Some of you maybe taking vegetable juice blends to get the required daily nutrients from vegetables. But the truth is, these vegetable juice blends contain more sugar and salt than needed. This also means an entire day’s worth of sodium. So read the ingredients first before buying vegetable juice.

Dried fruit

Dried fruits have most of their water removed which means that it contain more calories. One cup of dried raisins has almost 500 calories and dried prunes has 447. So limit your portion when eating these two.

Tropical fruit

Tropical fruits such as mangoes and pineapples are definitely delicious but these fruits contain higher amount of calories and sugar compared to others. Eat them in moderation and just switch to eating apples that contain fewer calories but are high in fiber.

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You all know that avocado is high in calories and fats. One cup or pureed avocado contains 384 calories. But don’t worry, the fats in avocado are the healthy kind, so eating them will not wreck your diet. But eat them in moderation.

You should not cut the mentioned vegetables and fruits above but instead avoid them on some days.

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